The ONE Time I Regretted Eating at a Disney World Restaurant

It’s no secret by now that we can get down and gritty with some Disney World food.

Mini Churros

There’s something on every single Disney World restaurant menu that we enjoy, and believe us when we say we’ve dined at every single restaurant. We love the experience of dining at these restaurants — being surrounded by the intricate theming and indulging in yummy food. However, there are a few scenarios that we’ve truly regretted eating at a Disney World restaurant.

So, picture this. You just spent eight hours walking around Disney World in 95-degree heat. You dealt with insufferable crowds and long wait times all day long. You tried to cool off with some ice cream, but it melted in three seconds and then you were just sticky and had a stained shirt. You got into an argument with a family member at some point, and you don’t even remember what it was about.

50’s Prime Time Cafe

At the end of the day, you arrive at 50s Prime Time Cafe for dinner. You’re finally cooling off and relaxing, when all of a sudden you hear a booming, “ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE.” Oh dear.

50s Prime Time Cafe

Yeah. A lot of Disney World restaurants take theming and immersion to the EXTREME. At 50s Prime Time Cafe, you’ll have hostesses and servers who’ll treat ya like you’re part of the family — down to yelling at you to finish your veggies. There are similar experiences, like at Whispering Canyon, where your server will bring you all the ketchup in the restaurant if you ask for some to go with your fries.

Sage when he asked for ketchup!

There are also lots of character dining experiences that require so much interaction that it can be EXHAUSTING when you’re trying to eat your meal. Like, sometimes, you are simply too tired to interpret what Chef Mickey is trying to tell you.

Chef Mickey’s

Basically, the moral of the story is that über-themed restaurants and characters dining aren’t always the better experience. There are plenty of other lesser-themed, more relaxed restaurants that could be a better fit for you. Restaurants like Boma, Citricos, and Topolino’s Terrace are all examples of quieter dining spots that we love.


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