I Go to Disney World Every Day, But I RARELY Get to Do These 5 Things.

We go to Disney World every day!

Magic Kingdom

When our reporters go into the parks, they are focused on keeping you up to date with all the latest Disney news, but that does not mean they do not like to have fun from time to time! Even when our reporters are not working, they love to visit the parks! When the park is empty, sometimes our reporters like to do things they do not always find the time to do when the parks are more crowded.

When there are actually low crowd levels, it’s the perfect excuse for our reporters to do these five things that they would not normally do on a crowded day.

We love an empty park!

Go on Rides and Attractions

Now, this might seem obvious, but when you go to Disney World every day, sometimes you just go to the parks to shop and eat. Riding rides is not always part of each visit. 

Toy Story Mania

When lines are short, we like to quickly hop in line; sometimes, we just can’t resist! What is more magical than getting to take an adventure under the sea or a quick ride through the Hundred Acre Wood , especially when the line is short?

Short line? We are riding!

Finding a Last-Minute Spot for Entertainment

We go to the parks all the time and have seen all of the entertainment offerings, but there is nothing like hearing the music for a parade start and being able to find a last-minute opening to view the parade.

Festival of Fantasy parade

While we understand camping out to find the perfect parade or fireworks viewing spot, it is always a treat to walk right up and not have to worry about finding a spot hours in advance!

Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire

We love watching a stage show, parade, or fireworks when the parks are not crowded since it is way easier to secure a spot.

Happily Ever After

Meeting Characters

Have you ever walked into EPCOT and noticed that Minnie and Goofy do not have people in line waiting to meet them?

Goofy in EPCOT

Us, too! Whenever we see the opportunity for a short character meet and greet, we always go for it! Lines for characters can be long, but when the park is empty, it can feel like we have our pick of what characters we want to meet!

Hey Pluto!

This is also nice because you do not have to pick and choose which characters you have time for. If you see a character with a low line, we suggest jumping in because you never know what magical moment could be waiting for you!

Donald and Daisy

Dining at Food Booths

Our reporters are big fans of festivals in EPCOT.  Sometimes we go to the parks just to try festival foods!

EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival

A lot of the time, festival booth lines can get long! For example, POP Eats! at the EPCOT Festival of the Arts, can draw some long lines.

Pop Eats! at EPCOT Festival of the Arts

Now we try everything on the opening day of festivals, but when we’re in the parks later in the festival and there are long lines, we usually choose a restaurant for lunch. But when those lines are short? We can’t help but get our favorites again!

We love a short festival booth line!

Using Popular Bathrooms

Disney World has lines for food, attractions, and yes, the bathrooms even can get busy. 

UK Bathrooms

On crowded days we know which bathrooms to avoid, but on those days where the park is empty, we don’t mind visiting the popular bathrooms.

Toy Story Land bathroom

For example, on an empty park day, you can find us using the Tangled bathrooms in Magic Kingdom since the lines can be much shorter or even non-existent. 

Tangled Bathrooms

While these five things might seem like normal things to do in the parks, we usually steer clear of doing them unless the parks are empty! We’re in the parks for you, after all — to bring you all the latest! Keep following us here at AllEars.net for more!

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What do you like to do when the parks are not busy? Let us know down below!

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