Disney Fans Confess They Keep Coming Back to This Hated Magic Kingdom Restaurant

You know we like to ask our readers TONS of questions about Disney World and honestly, you all deliver on every single one. But this particular question initially had us questioning your sanity (until you explained a bit)!


We’ve asked for lots of opinions from our readers from time to time to get a pulse on what the vibe is around Disney World and to help us assist you with having the best Disney World vacation ever. But we have to admit, your answers to this very basic question left us scratching our heads for a while.

So many factors can make up your decision on where you eat when visiting Disney World. Sometimes you’re looking for a stellar meal and experience while other times you’re just looking for something quick to fill your belly that won’t keep you down for long.

Magic Kingdom

We recently asked our readers Which Magic Kingdom restaurant was their go-to for dining! And let us be the first to say, your answers were VERY telling!

Tell us!

Sure, we got back the responses we THOUGHT we would be hearing about like Liberty Tree Tavern, Crystal Palace, Skipper Canteen, and even Columbia Harbor House for when you just need something quick… but then, we scrolled down through the rest of the comments.

Columbia Harbor House

Lo and behold we started seeing one restaurant being mentioned, more and more frequently (and it was the last one we would have guessed would have made the list)! Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe began taking over the comments!

Cosmic Ray’s lines

Sarah L. wrote, “I’m ashamed to admit it but I LOVE cosmic rays” followed up by Jason S.’s “SAME!” and Richard C. also commented, “Cosmic rays best entertainment of the galaxy.”

Sonny Eclipse

Jan T. gave a little lengthier rationale explaining, “We usually only do QS at MK there so many we like Pinocchio Haus, Caseys, Sleepy Hallow are some of the must goes. We eat small items all day. Can’t forget to go see Sunny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s.” while others like Cindy W. said the main reason they eat at Cosmic Ray’s is that their “Kids always want Cosmic Rays.”

Chicken Sandwich from Cosmic Ray’s

Alright, we get it — whatever drives you to Cosmic Ray’s whether it’s kids, nostalgia, or the chance to stop by and see an old friend like Sunny, we have to admit we’re right there with you. While the food might not be the greatest offered in all of the parks, it’s enough for even the pickiest eaters of your group to find something they’d like and keep you going about your park day. For that much, we have to hop on to this bandwagon, too!

We’re constantly asking for feedback from our readers, so be sure to watch the AllEars social channels and stay tuned with us to see what we’ve asked you next!

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Is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe a must-do for you at Disney World? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 Replies to “Disney Fans Confess They Keep Coming Back to This Hated Magic Kingdom Restaurant”

  1. And why would you call it hated? Every time I go there it’s full of happy people chowing down. There are restaurants with more unusual food but folks seem to like Cosmic Ray’s just fine

  2. My husband and I go to Cosmic Ray’s every trip. Food is decent, fixing bars mean we each can find something that meets our tastes and needs (diabetes and food allergies) and we also go to honor my dad Ray who loved Disney and made it fun for everyone

  3. My wife and I developed unhealthy addictions to the “To The Moon” Impossible Burger on our last trip there. The rest of the family has to go at least once a vacation to see Sonny!

  4. We do normally hit up Cosmic Rays. It is easy to place mobile orders and we love Sonny Eclipse. You can’t get that anywhere else, and frankly Magic Kingdom sit downs are seriously lacking.