Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Disney World Character Dining CHANGE

Changes are always happening at Disney World.

This resort has tons of beautiful details.

One restaurant that’s been closed since the pandemic is finally reopening, but it’s coming back with some changes. So we wanted to find out what your thoughts were about those changes. Well, we asked and boy, did you deliver!

We reached out to our followers on Facebook to ask: “What do you think of the new characters coming to 1900 Park Fare?” The results were pretty varied. We had quite a few people leave their opinions in the comments!

What do you think?

Now, let’s dive into the results!

1. Disappointed about change

It looks like we have an overwhelming majority! Almost two-thirds of you say that you are disappointed about the changes to the character lineup (About 65% of you based on the responses).

1900 Park Fare

These responses sum up those feelings: “Not happy about it. 1900 was my favorite. With this odd group, I’m not sure we will go back. Might as well stay in the park to eat.”

Mary Poppins at 1900 Park Fare

Another mentioned, “I want the old version. I loved the stepsisters! I also loved Alice and friends at breakfast.”

2. Excited for the change!

In the second place, we found out that some of you are stoked about the new characters that are coming (About 20% of you based on the responses).

Princesses greeting guests at the Main Street Train Station

These two responses sum up those feelings perfectly: “Excited because I will get to see Tiana and Cinderella together outside of the parks! I like to do character meals at the resorts rather than standing in line to see them when I can be riding other rides”…


…and “Really happy it is reopening and looking forward to new characters.”

3. Undecided at the moment

In last place, we found that some of you are undecided about the new character lineup (About 15% of you based on the responses)

Evil Step Sisters

These two responses sum up those feelings perfectly:  “The stepsisters made that dining experience! I’m a bit sad but I’ll wait and see!” and “To this day, dinner with Cinderella, and her sisters, etc…was our favorite character dinner. Love the pictures of my girls scrubbing the floor…lol. Hopefully whatever is replacing it is equally as good, or better. Big shoes to fill.”


Those were just some of your thoughts on the new characters coming to 1900 Park Fare. Until then, as always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

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What are your thoughts on these changes to 1900 Park Fare? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 Replies to “Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Disney World Character Dining CHANGE”

  1. Really sad that the stepsisters are not going to be part of the dinner – this is the one place my daughter wanted to go and we have been waiting for 1900 Park Fare to reopen since the pandemic. We went to the breakfast when she was 5 and wanted to return for dinner with the stepsisters but not that they are not part of the character experience we will pass. So disappointing!

  2. Lady Tremain and the stepsisters were the highlight of the dinner at 1900 Park Fare. The were by far the most entertaining of all the characters. Not worth the visit without them.

  3. Disney seems to be really good at taking things that weren’t broke, and breaking them lately. No interest in going there now. Sad times for Disney

    1. You hit the nail on the head sir. This used to be our favorite Character meal at WDW, but not any more. Mary Poppins, Alice, and the Mad Hatter were the best! Food was great, and the theme fit in perfectly with the Grand Floridian. Yes, why does Disney management have to “fix” what was never broken to begin with. Just one more thing we’ve lost at the GF over the last few years.