What Your Favorite Disney World Hotel Says About You

You could talk to ten people about the best Disney World hotels and get ten different answers. Sure, some resorts are part of the “popular crowd” (yes, even Disney World hotels have cliques), but everyone has their own ideas about which Disney hotel is the best.

Dolphin Hotel

At this point, the Disney World hotels are so popular that they’ve reached icon status, and the resorts have even developed personalities of their own! Hey, we’re no psychologists, but we’ve been to Disney World enough times to know what your favorite Disney World hotel says about you.

Before we get into it, we should preface this by saying that this is all just for fun; Disney fans come in all shapes and sizes! Now let’s find out if you fit our hotel personality assessment.

All-Star Movies

If Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is your favorite hotel, you’re a sucker for nostalgia. You probably love the classic Disney rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

With all those larger-than-life Disney characters scattered throughout the resort, this hotel is great for families and Disney fans that appreciate that signature Disney theming.

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All-Star Music

If Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is at the top of your list, you or someone you love was probably a theater kid. This hotel is all about music (duh), with tons of nods to all genres of music ranging from country music to Broadway show tunes. 

All-Star Music

When given the choice between Disney’s three least expensive resorts, you opt for the hotel with quarter notes and gigantic fiddles.

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All-Star Sports

For all you Disney fans on team All-Star Sports, we can tell you exactly what’s in your suitcase: sporty, breathable athletic shorts, comfy sneakers, and your trusty baseball cap. It’s practically your Disney Park uniform! 

All Star Sports

If you’re part of a large group traveling to Disney World, you may opt to stay at this resort. It’s not quite stadium size, but we’ve seen some TEAMS of people stay here.

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Pop Century

If you love staying at Pop Century Resort, you’re a smart, practical Disney World traveler! Although it is a Value Resort, Pop Century has the added bonus of being located on the Skyliner line, giving you, the strategic planner, a better bang for your buck. Way to go!

Pop Century Resort

All you Pop Century fans know this hotel is seriously underrated, but you don’t mind this resort being one of Disney’s best-kept secrets for those on a budget.

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Art of Animation

If Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is your favorite hotel, you probably LOVE kids. Maybe you’re a teacher, a parent, or the cool relatives that love to treat your family to a little Disney World vacation. 

Art of Animation

This hotel is known for those roomy family suites that can fit your whole family — forget those cramped little rooms with only one bathroom. You’re not afraid to splurge when you’re on vacation, and you love the colorful theming of this resort.

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Caribbean Beach Resort

If Caribbean Beach Resort is your #1 pick, you know to plan and do your research before you hop on a plane and fly to Disney World. 

Fuentes del Morro pool

You know that Caribbean Beach Resort has a HUGE perk at a moderate price, and you don’t mind walking a few extra steps to your room if it means you have that sweet, sweet Skyliner access.

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Coronado Springs

Now if Coronado Springs is your top hotel pick, you’ve probably stayed at multiple Disney World hotels before declaring Coronado Springs your favorite. It takes some serious Disney knowledge to appreciate this resort, and you know that this resort doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

Do NOT sleep on this resort!

From the incredible dining options at Gran Destino Tower to the beautiful pool, this resort is sprawling but well worth a stay!

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Port Orleans Riverside

For those who vote for Port Orleans Riverside as the best hotel, you appreciate a pretty, peaceful, and quiet resort. Let’s be honest; you can probably make the case that many parts of this hotel are just as beautiful as some Deluxe Resorts (but for MUCH less money). 

Port Orleans Riverside

If this hotel is your favorite, you have good taste — and you know it!

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Port Orleans French Quarter

If Port Orleans French Quarter Resort is your favorite hotel, you, too, have excellent taste. You love the charm of this tiny little resort and have definitely ordered the French Quarter-exclusive beignets at least once during your stay. 

Port Orleans French Quarter

From the beautiful New Orleans theming to the classic Louisiana foods served at this resort, you’re the type of Disney World expert that knows all the best places to eat.

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Ft. Wilderness Cabins and Campsite

If you tell people that the Ft. Wilderness Cabins and Campsite are the best in Disney World, you probably like tailgating, hiking, and a good old s’more. 

Tri Circle D

Let’s be honest, what’s better than camping in Disney World?! We can’t think of a better place to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge

If Animal Kingdom Lodge is your favorite hotel, you’d be perfectly fine skipping the Disney parks altogether to lounge at your resort instead! 

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Who needs the Magic Kingdom when there are real zebras right outside your window? Plus, this hotel has some of the BEST dining options! What’s not to love?

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BoardWalk Inn

When BoardWalk Inn lovers aren’t coming to Disney World, they’re probably planning out a trip to the shore! Once a beach-lover, always a beach-lover. If you love staying here, it’s purely for the atmosphere and the location. You can’t beat that EPCOT park proximity! 

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

There’s something so charming about that boardwalk at night — nothing else compares to the fun yet relaxing atmosphere of the boardwalk.

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Contemporary Resort

If Disney’s Contemporary Resort is your top pick, you probably have a fascination with Disney history.

The Contemporary

You love telling your friends all the fun facts about this resort, and no matter how many times you’ve seen it, seeing the monorail go through the hotel never gets old. 

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Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Ah, the ever-popular Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. If this resort is your favorite, you love to indulge in the finer things in life, like gourmet cooking and expensive clothing.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

There’s a certain cachet to staying at the Grand Floridian, and you love everything from the elegant shrubbery to the Victorian-style buildings. It’s a classic for a reason!

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 Polynesian Village Resort

If Polynesian Village Resort is your favorite hotel, you’re cool. You know where to go to have a good time, and you’re not afraid to go all out when you’re on vacation.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Whether you’re vacationing here with your family or you’re here as a couple, you picked a hotel that has relaxing, tropical vibes and good energy all around.

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Wilderness Lodge

Now, if Wilderness Lodge is your top hotel pick, you live for a grand, epic reveal. Whether you’re showing off a new haircut or sharing some big news, you appreciate the value of a good story and a grand entrance. 

Wilderness Lodge

How do we know? Take a look at the Wilderness Lodge lobby. It’s pretty dramatic — in the BEST way.

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Yacht Club and Beach Club

Both Yacht Club and Beach Club lovers are laid-back, easygoing Disney vacationers. You know the value of a good pool and appreciate that easy access to EPCOT, and you love an evening stroll around the World Showcase. 

Beach Club

Much like those who stay at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, you live for the nighttime views at your hotel and soak up every moment of your stay.

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Old Key West

If Old Key West is your favorite hotel, you like to avoid the hustle and bustle of the other Disney hotels. You know how to evade crowds both in the parks and at your hotel.

Old Key West

Oh, and you love being part of one of Disney’s best-kept secrets: Olivia’s Cafe has some of the BEST comfort food!

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Disney’s Riviera Resort

If Disney’s Riviera Resort is your favorite hotel, you love staying up to date with all the latest and greatest new things around Walt Disney World. New attraction? You’re there. New restaurant? Already booked a reservation.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

You’re the Disney World expert in your group, and you know the best new places to be in the parks. 

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

And finally, we can’t forget about Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. If this hotel is your favorite, you may or may not have had a fascination with horses at one point in your life… But horses aside, you love this hotel for its laid-back atmosphere and close proximity to Disney Springs. 

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

You aren’t necessarily the first in line at Magic Kingdom each morning, but instead, we can find you by the pool, golfing, or grabbing a bite to eat at Disney Springs.

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So — how’d we do? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

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