Pay-Per-Ride Prices Increase AGAIN in Disneyland For the Holidays

Earlier this month, Disneyland rolled out two new ways to skip the lines at popular attractions throughout the park — Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection.

Disneyland Park

Both services are an additional price with Genie+ costing $20 for the ability to skip the line at about 20 different attractions and Individual Attraction Selections costing varying rates depending on which ride and date you’re visiting. Since its initial roll-out, these pay-per-ride prices have received an increase on select popular dates and now prices have risen more around the holidays.

At Disneyland, the three attractions that are considered Individual Attraction Selections are WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure in Avengers Campus and Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure and Star Wars: Rise of Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park.

WEB: Slingers Line

When the service was first introduced, it cost $7 to skip the line at WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, $7 to skip the line at Radiator Springs Racers, and $20 to skip the line at Star Wars: Rise of Resistance.

Radiator Springs Racers in Disney California Adventure

Since then, the price has lowered to its initial rate on the weekdays and increased to $12 for both WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure and Radiator Springs Racers on the weekends (Rise of the Resistance has remained at $20 for all dates). But, now we’re seeing the prices surge even more as holiday crowds arrive in Disneyland.

Rise of the Resistance is an Individual Attraction Selection

This morning, we checked the Disneyland app to find that the cost of WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure was now $18


…and the cost of Radiator Springs Racers was also now $18.


And, while these two attractions received the price bump, Rise of the Resistance is still $20 per person.


Don’t forget that there is still a free way to ride these attractions if you’d prefer not to pay to skip the lines! Radiator Springs Racers has a standby line and both Rise of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure function with either a virtual queue or standby line (just check the Disneyland app before heading into the parks).

WEB Slingers Line

As of this writing, we have not seen an increase in pay-per-ride pricing around the holidays at Disney World, but we’ll keep an eye out for updates. And, in the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more for the latest Disney news!

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Are you planning on paying to skip the line at these attractions on your next Disneyland trip? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Pay-Per-Ride Prices Increase AGAIN in Disneyland For the Holidays”

  1. With all the ongoing rain, I understand Disney will be charging $50 for ponchos and an additional $10 to wear it. This of course is subject to surge pricing.

  2. $7 was way too low for Radiator Springs and Webslingers. And since neither one of those are on par with RotR, I fully expect it to go to $25 by next week!