AllEars TV: The Biggest Decision You’ll Make in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Choose your fate: Dinosaur or Flight of Passage??

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Molly and Breedlove are headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see who can conquer the five most popular attractions first. Breedlove is headed right and Molly’s going left to see which direction has lower waits when you arrive! They’ll be sharing tips and tricks along the way — and the results may shock you.

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3 Replies to “AllEars TV: The Biggest Decision You’ll Make in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. These results were indeed shocking! I’d be interested to see if this would still be the same in the fall when we go.

    Side note, your team does amazing videos! Keep up the great work, I love following you and watching the videos you put out!

  2. I’m telling you , a LIVE broadcast with MOLLY would be great ! A two hour walk through the World Showcase live with Molly would be a blast. Meeting up with other ALLEARS.TV hosts in different lands would be fun. Different hosts in each land, talk about interesting or fun things in that land, what’s good to eat or drink, fun souvenirs and that Disney World EPCOT has the only Werthers bakery outside of Germany ! See,, I’ve already got you started. Molly could do this in her sleep. How much fun would this be ? LIVE ! MOLLY VISION !!

  3. Here is my review of this video. Okay just so you know this is my scale. Clap Clap Snap Snap =4 out of 4! Clap Clap Snap= 3 out of 4! Clap Clap =2 out of 4! Clap is 1 out of 4! This video gets a Clap Clap from me! I took points off because Quincy wasn’t in the video!!