NEWS: Disney World Testing Facial Recognition for Park Entry

Disney World is in the beginning stages of rolling out a new technology that will turn your phone into your MagicBand.

Park Entrance MagicBand Scanner

While guests will still be able to use a MagicBand in the parks, those who prefer to skip the accessory (and cost) will be able to use their phone as their ticket into the park and connect Disney PhotoPass images to their device. It will all be housed in the My Disney Experience app under the new name of MagicMobile. But, you may not even need the app if Disney’s next technology advancement works!

Beginning today, Disney is testing out an even newer form of technology at Magic Kingdom. Instead of using a MagicBand or phone, Disney is taking it to the next level and making your face your ticket to the park. Wait…what?


Welcome to 2021 folks! For the next 30 days, Disney will be testing facial recognition technology at the entrance of Magic Kingdom and anyone can participate in the completely touchless experience. The system will take a photo of your face and convert it into a unique number that is then associated with you and your park ticket.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Sound like something you’re willing to try? When you get to Magic Kingdom, look for the facial recognition technology testing lane instead of heading straight for the MagicBand scanning area. Once you’re in line, take off your hats, sunglasses, or any other accessories but leave on your mask. Then, you’ll be asked to face the camera and position your ticket or MagicBand close to a scanner that will activate the technology. And, voila, your face will do the rest of the work to get you into the park!

Will the touch points eventually not even be at the park entrance?

The testing will be taking place at Magic Kingdom through April 23rd (though that could change) and even children under the age of 18 can participate with the consent of an adult.

Walk down Main Street knowing you just got into the park in the coolest way possible

Disney does suggest that you utilize the same entry point when you return to the park after setting up the facial recognition technology so they can track how it is working. And, who knows, you might be paving the way for a completely new way of experiencing Disney in the future!

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What do you think about this new technology at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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7 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Testing Facial Recognition for Park Entry”

  1. what happens to all the disabled who can’t take how do they consent to this or the autistic people come on Disney get a grip my son won’t consent to this so what would happen to him

  2. Disney already knows WAY to much about it’s park guest. I certainly don’t think they need anything else! I totally agree with Brian!!

  3. What happens if someone wears contact lenses, or (unfortunately) has a glass eye/or wears an eye patch, or wears dark glasses (either because they’re blind, or suffer from glaucoma)?

  4. Wow! Is there any compensation for volunteering? Can my face get a free Dole Whip? A churro? Mickey ice cream bar? I like this new technology; at times I forget to put on my magic band, but I’ve never forgotten to bring my face

  5. Nope. Nooooooo.
    This is too far and I can’t believe this made it past the pitch stage without someone saying this is asking guests too much. I shouldn’t have to agree to give up my likeness into a corporate database simply to use a ticket I paid for.