The Disney Item You’ll Use Every Single Day

Reaching for your glasses to read this post? Then you might just need this new Disney accessory!

Gotta Have That Mickey Style! ©Foster Grant

If you’re a big Disney fan, odds are you like to incorporate a bit of Disney in most things that you do. It could even be small things like having a Disney-themed bracelet, or Disney socks. It’s nice to have those subtle, little ways of reminding yourself of the magic. And now you can add even more Disney to your day with these some cool, and totally practical Disney glasses from Foster Grant!

Disney has teamed up with Foster Grant and released a whole new set of glasses, with fun designs inspired by Mickey & Minnie! There are hidden (but also not so hidden) Mickey details, bows, and more.

Ooooo A Hidden Mickey ©Foster Grant

The Dreamer Glasses have some Mickeys on the front hidden a bit by the darker color.

Dreamer Glasses ©Foster Grant

But there are LOTS of unmistakable Mickey shapes on the sides.

How fun! ©Foster Grant

And there’s even a little Mickey detail all the way at the back.

A Little Mickey Among Other Mickeys ©Foster Grant

You can also get this in a blue design that is themed to Minnie Mouse and her fabulous bows.

If you’re a fan of more round-shaped glasses, you might want to opt for the Celebration Glasses.

Celebration Glasses ©Foster Grant

They look pretty normal from the front, but turn them a bit and you’ll see they have a hidden Mickey detail built right into the sides!

What a Great Detail ©Foster Grant

One of the most unassuming designs (from the front) are the Imagination Glasses.

Imagination Glasses ©Foster Grant

It’s really not until you look at the inside that you see those adorable Minnie shapes!

The Always Stylish Minnie ©Foster Grant

The Wonder glasses, on the other hand, feature Mickey front and center with those two little Mickey details on the sides.

Wonder Glasses ©Foster Grant

AND they’ve got a fun pattern on the inside featuring Minnie’s signature bow.

It’s Bow-tastic! ©Foster Grant

And finally, you can also pick up the Iconic glasses right now. These are for those looking for a subtle Mickey look. The front of the glasses look like any other pair…

Iconic Glasses ©Foster Grant

…but the inside, there’s a great Mickey pattern.

More Mickeys ©Foster Grant

All of the glasses come with their own microfiber case which is really convenient for easy storage. The glasses themselves come in powers +1.25 to +3.00.

Glasses Case ©Foster Grant

And, if you want to buy just a case for someone, you can pick up this Animation case for just $4.95.

What a Great Gift Idea ©Foster Grant

All of the glasses are available online only and are priced at $28.95. Some of them come in multiple colors, so be sure to check out those options. You can see them and pick up a few for yourself by visiting the Foster Grant website.

Imagination Glasses Hidden Mickey ©Foster Grant

We’ll keep an eye out for more fun Disney items and let you know what we find.

What do you think of these glasses? Let us know in the comments.

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