The Slowest Rides at Walt Disney World

While we’re often pre-occupied with life in the fast lane at Walt Disney World, whether that’s from making sure we see everything there is to see or cruising the high-speed thrills of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, today we’re more concerned with the tortoises to Test Track’s hare.

We still love you though

While speed is usually king, we’re taking a look at the slowest rides in Disney World based on their top speed. If you’re looking for double digit numbers, you’ve come to the wrong place.

These are the slowest Disney World attractions by speed!

Haunted Mansion/Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid/The Seas with Nemo and Friends

We’re starting off the list with the classic omnimover ride system you’ll find utilized in three Disney World attractions: the Haunted Mansion, Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid, and the Seas with Nemo and Friends. These three attractions all move at the slow but steady (maximum) pace of three miles per hour.

The Haunted Mansion

Soarin’ Around the World

Did you see this one coming? While Soarin’ Around the World is a thrilling virtual journey over some of the world’s greatest landmarks, it doesn’t have forward or backward motion beyond the minimal amount required by the hanglider system. The ride doesn’t accelerate of its own accord at all, bringing the top speed of this attraction to, well, 0 mph.


The speed at which you’re traveling during this simulated hang gliding adventure is just that: simulated. Your bench may rise and fall and swing with the motion on the ride film, but any speed you experience is an illusion.

Living with the Land

This edutainment attraction from EPCOT is not going to be a contender for breaking the sound barrier, but it does make for a simple, enjoyable break from E-tickets like Test Track and Mission: SPACE. We weren’t able to find an official (or unofficial) speed for this attraction, but suffice to say, it’s slow enough to be relaxing.

Living with the Land

Living with the Land, like most Disney boat rides, slow things down to let you take in all of your surroundings. This is especially helpful in this attraction because there are a lot of interesting agricultural techniques and unique foods to see.

it’s a small world/Gran Fiesta Tour/Na’vi River Journey

Yes, it was inevitable after Living with the Land that we would be talking about more Disney boat rides. Much like our previous trio, it’s a small world, Gran Fiesta Tour, and Na’vi River Journey share a similar ride vehicle and pacing at a consistent two miles per hour, so they get to share a spot.

Na’vi River Journey

Again, just because these three attractions aren’t moving as fast as, say, Splash Mountain doesn’t mean they’re not worth experiencing. Na’vi River Journey in particular is filled with such beautiful sets and one of the most complex audio-animatronics at this time that it deserves a ride.

Spaceship Earth

This icon of EPCOT also happens to be one of the slowest attractions in all of Walt Disney World, clocking in a top speed of 1.24 miles per hour (whoa, slow down there, Spaceship Earth).

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth was built using an omnimover system much like the Haunted Mansion, but the speed of the vehicles is slower. We think it just gives us more time to appreciate this grand and miraculous spaceship of an attraction.

Which slow-moving attraction is your favorite at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments! 

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