News! Disney Reveals the Name of the Precious Baby Rhino from Animal Kingdom!

Are you ready for the most adorable news of the year??


You may have tuned into the Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Disney+. The series highlights the animal keepers and conversation processes that happen at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. One segment followed the female rhino, Kendi, and her pregnancy. The bouncing baby boy was born and many guests were curious when they can see the young tot on Kilimanjaro Safaris and if he had a name!

The animal keepers put together a heartwarming video of the young rhino playing, cuddling with his mom, and running around as any toddler would. In the end, he reveals his name to the world!

The baby has been named Ranger, which honors the wildlife rangers who protect endangered species like rhinos. The Disney Conservation Fund has given rangers over 75 grants and awards to rhino protection projects. Ranger the rhino is an adorable reminder of the efforts put towards these projects.


Disney has not announced when Ranger will make his debut on the safari. We hope to see him charging the fields real soon!

Do you love to visit the animals at Animal Kingdom? Tell us your favorite exhibit in the comments below!

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One Reply to “News! Disney Reveals the Name of the Precious Baby Rhino from Animal Kingdom!”

  1. Sometimes you can see Ranger while you’re on the train that takes you to Conservation Station. Each time we’ve seen him, a cast member at the train station told us he had been seen that day.