Four Underappreciated Shows at Walt Disney World!

There’s a lot to do in the Disney Parks. From attractions to eating, to meeting characters — it can be hard to carve out time for live shows.

Cinderella Castle with Clouds
Fireworks explode at the end of Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire 

Still, live shows are spectacular in Disney World, and we want to show some love to a few of our favorite underappreciated live shows. We’re not talking about Festival of Fantasy or Frozen Sing-Along today!

Here’s why you should definitely stop to see these shows! 

1. Finding Nemo – The Musical

First up, we have Finding Nemo – The Musical. Plenty of guests walk right by this show every day, especially since seeing it means taking 40 minutes out of your park day. Still, it’s definitely worth the watch!

Finding Nemo – The Musical

Not only are the puppets way cool, but the music in this show is all original for the production. And it was written by the songwriting team behind Frozen and Coco. Sign us up!

2. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Okay, so it’s not like Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is sitting empty all the time; plenty of people still go see it. But compared to some of the other shows in Disney World, this one doesn’t get as much love.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Seriously though, the Spectacular is one of the few remaining “movie magic” tributes in Hollywood Studios, and seeing the live stunts is so awesome. Plus, audience members even get a chance to join the action.

3. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

In Magic Kingdom, we’re showing our appreciation for Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. It’s easy to overlook this show when the Castle is also the backdrop for Festival of Fantasy and Happily Ever After, but you really shouldn’t!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider performing in Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire 

This show is especially great if you have little ones who love the characters. You’ll see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Tiana, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Anna, Elsa, and more! Phew!

4. UP! A Great Bird Adventure

And our absolute favorite underappreciated show in Disney World is Animal Kingdom’s UP! A Great Bird Adventure. This one is easy to walk by while you’re thinking about Expedition Everest, but we like to see this show as much as we can.

Up! A Great Bird Adventure

You’ll be awed by the choreography and control of the trained birds in the show. They fly right over your head! Plus, Dug and Russell from Up are there to help you learn about the different birds.

What Disney World shows do you think are underrated? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Replies to “Four Underappreciated Shows at Walt Disney World!”

  1. The longest running show at Hollywood Studios, The Citizens of Hollywood! It’s just not Hollywood without them running a muck on Sunset Blvd.

  2. We go to WDW every year, with the exception of this year, and we think it’s time to replace Indiana Jones. It’s okay if you need a place to sit for awhile

  3. Have to disagree about Up! A great bird adventure. The bird shows before it and since park reopening are much better and more informative while keeping it appropriate to all ages. Up was a one and done for me. Since reopening I can see the show multiple times in a day.

    1. I agree about Up! The show that preceded it was much better. The new castle show is more about selling newer Disney film property than entertainment. The previous castle show was classic Disney, which is what I want when I visit Magic Kingdom. Finding Nemo is hands down the best live production at WDW, assuming they can hold onto a decent cast. Lowered casting standards have been the death of many live productions (mermaid, great movie show, for example)

      1. UP is so forced and the characters from the movie take time away from the birds. The acting is very, very bad, as well. Just show us the birds and get rid of the extraneous material.