By Boat, by Land, by Sky — Here’s How YOU Ranked the Ways to Get to the Disney Parks

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… because there’s abundant public transportation!

Finest in the World! ©Disney

But which of the many forms of public transportation at Disney is the best?

Here are your ratings for the top forms of transportation at Walt Disney World!

3: The Walt Disney World Bus System

No other form of free Disney Transportation services the entire resort like the Bus Lines.

Walt Disney World Bus at Animal Kingdom Lodge — Kidani Village

In fact, our readers have very little bad to say about Disney’s bus service, netting it a respectable 8/10. Guests love the ubiquitous buses as well as how they can take you directly to the front of the parks. The air-conditioning is also a nice perk. The only issues people report are ones that are just inherent to bus service: long waits, full buses, poor etiquette from other passengers — the usual. Sure, it’s not as exciting as other options, but if it ain’t broke… .

2. The Disney Skyliner

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

The Skyliner is the baby of the bunch, but it has quickly taken off in popularity.  A connection between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT is wildly convenient, and the colorful gondolas allow for some instant character appeal. It’s also definitely the most thrilling form of transportation, especially during the inclement Florida weather. In fact, it’s too thrilling for some people, with a fear of heights being the most frequent complaint. Other issues include the lackluster views on the Hollywood Studios line (which pale in comparison with the more spectacular Resort-EPCOT lines), and a tendency to get rain inside the vehicle if you fail to close the vents. Still, people love the speed and scenery of the Skyliner, and these gondolas are sure to be a hit for years to come.

1. The Walt Disney World Monorail


There’s no surprise that the Monorail, icon that it is, is number one on our list. It is the most iconic form of transportation, and it’s very fun. The views are amazing, and access to the monorail resorts is an excellent perk. It’s not quite as fast as the ferry at times, but it is a fun thing to do, especially during the rain.

Honorable Mention: Disney’s Boats and Ferries

Ferry Boat

Our dedicated review page for these is brand new, so we don’t have any reviews yet. (You can change that — click the box below!)

But we do have a few pieces of input, pulled from other transportation reviews. Based on these reviews, guests find that the various boats around Disney are a great (and convenient) form of transportation. There are actually three separate boat services: the Seven Seas Lagoon line (which serves all the monorail resorts and Fort Wilderness), the EPCOT/Hollywood Studios line (which connects Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club, and Swan and Dolphin), and the Disney Springs line (which includes Port Orleans and Saratoga Springs). These boats are more intimate than most forms of transportation (particularly the smaller water taxis) and provide a more direct route between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT than the Skyliner.

Which form of transportation is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Learn about ALL forms of Walt Disney World transportation — including the Main Street Vehicles! — here!

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One Reply to “By Boat, by Land, by Sky — Here’s How YOU Ranked the Ways to Get to the Disney Parks”

  1. The best way to get to the Parks or other amenities? How about on foot? I love to stay at the Epcot area resorts for that reason or at Saratoga Springs. From those places (and there are others like the Contemporary) you can walk to at least one park and not have to wait for any other method of transportation. Being from the north, and especially in the cold winter months, being able to walk somewhere during warmer weather with flowers and songbirds and sunshine is wonderful.