These Are the Spots Disney Pros Eat at Magic Kingdom

For many guests, dining is a huge part of the Walt Disney World experience. So it’s important to pick the restaurants that are the right fit for your family!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

All Disney World restaurants are not created equally. And while there are certainly pros (and cons) to each dining location, there are some spots that Disney World veterans regularly find themselves returning to.

These are the places the pros eat in Magic Kingdom!

Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen

The full name of this restaurant is a mouthful, which is why it’s typically referred to as just Skipper Canteen. And there are several reasons this restaurant made the list. First, it’s a relatively hidden gem (at least, by Disney World standards). It’s usually fairly easy to snag a last-minute reservation at this Table Service restaurant, which can be a lifesaver if you’re hungry, hot, and exhausted after a long day in the park! Plus, you’ll find some unique menu options at Skipper Canteen, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to try something new.

Skipper Canteen

And to top it all off, this restaurant is filled with tons of Imagineering details and nods to the Jungle Cruise attraction. Each time we visit, we notice another new Easter egg we haven’t spotted before!

Sleepy Hollow

You’ll find some incredible snacks at this Quick Service window in Liberty Square. And while we’ve enjoyed just about everything we’ve tried here, the true star in our books is the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich. This snack is a generous portion of Nutella and fresh fruit nestled between a delicious waffle. It’s one of our must-get snacks in Magic Kingdom, and we’d say it’s definitely worth a trip to Sleepy Hollow.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow

While there are other tasty treats to be had at Sleepy Hollow (ice cream cookie sandwiches being another favorite), there’s clearly one menu item that keeps us coming back.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Located in Frontierland, Pecos Bill is one of our favorite Quick Service locations to stop for a meal in Magic Kingdom. This restaurant offers more unique options than many other more “standard” Quick Service menus, including Southwest salads, rice bowls, nachos, and more.

Meal at Pecos Bill

Plus, it’s a pretty large location with ample seating, which can be a big deal when we really need a break.

Storybook Treats

You’ll find this small Quick Service window in Fantasyland. And while it’s not a place we would hit up for a full meal, Storybook Treats is home to some of the best (and most “Instagramable”) snacks in Magic Kingdom. In addition to the guest-favorite Peter Pan Float, this spot also often has seasonal treats available, like the Poor Unfortunate Souls Float.

Peter Pan Float

We constantly find ourselves heading to Storybook Treats to snag a sweet treat to fuel our Magic Kingdom day.

Plaza Restaurant

This is another relatively hidden gem of a Table Service restaurant. It doesn’t get the same hype as some of the other places in Magic Kingdom like Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table, so you might have better luck snagging a last-minute reservation. But it is a small restaurant, so if you really want to make sure you get a table, definitely plan ahead. The Plaza has some stand-out items that guests rave about, like the Plaza Loaded Fries. And you’ll want to leave room for dessert — ice cream is a must!

Plaza Restaurant

In addition to all of the other charm Plaza Restaurant has to offer, it’s truly magical to enjoy a meal on Main Street, U.S.A., with a view of Cinderella Castle!

Columbia Harbour House

Unfortunately, Columbia Harbour House has not yet reopened in Magic Kingdom following the park closure. But we had to give this spot an honorable mention because when it is open, it might just be our favorite Quick Service restaurant in the whole park. The menu has unique options, including some “lighter” offerings like Grilled Shrimp and the Lighthouse Sandwich. There’s also a ton of seating available, including the often-overlooked second floor.

Columbia Harbour House

Another bonus of snagging a table on the second floor — if you find a spot close to the window, you can enjoy a view of the Haunted Mansion!

While we enjoy the unique charm of each of the Magic Kingdom restaurants, there are definitely some spots that we tend to gravitate towards again and again. If you’d like to debate our picks over a meal, now you know where to find us!

What is your go-to restaurant in Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “These Are the Spots Disney Pros Eat at Magic Kingdom”

  1. I went on the WDW app to check out the menu for Skippers Jungle restaurant and no menu…. how can we check out what they offer prior to making a reservation?

  2. Sleepy Hallow recently changed menu and no longer has the Nutella waffle 🙁 The only waffle on the menu is a pumpkin spice Mickey waffle Sunday. Hope they change it back

  3. Definitely Columbia Harbor House! Shhh! Don’t tell everyone about the second floor. We have our special spots to watch the Haunted Mansion line and the rain. Haven’t liked Pecos Bill’s since it switched to Mexican food several years ago. Never eaten at the Plaza – menu seems too small and nothing different or creative. We like Skipper Canteen for dinner but they have removed several options since they first opened.

  4. We love Casey’s Corner- even though it’s a fairly high traffic area, it’s great for views of the castle and people watching.

    1. Ate here for the very first time in January. Really enjoyed the hotdogs. We usually visit in late July and since there in really no place to sit that is out of the heat and sun we go to some place air conditioned for lunch