Five Things to Do at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs That Don’t Cost a Dime

From tickets and hotels and dining and souvenirs, the Walt Disney World experience costs a pretty penny. We know that many people look for easy ways to have fun in Disney World without dishing out a bunch of extra cash in order to supplement their cupcake budget.

Disney Springs

That’s why we’re talking about a few things that you can do in Disney Springs that don’t cost a dime!!

Disney Springs is Disney World’s shopping and dining district. Guests can visit Disney Springs without a park ticket, which means that it’s totally free just to check the place out. But there are also a few unique experiences that you can have at Disney Springs that are totally free!

Sample Soaps at Basin

Basin, which is a shop that sells bath bombs, body scrubs, shampoo, and more has a bunch of free samples. We love stopping by this store to smell and see all of the new products.


And guests who visit Basin actually have the opportunity to test many of the products, including their popular body scrubs.  You can try one…or ALL of them when washing your hands. These scrubs will have you smellin’ good and will leave your hands and arms feeling smooth as butter!

Free Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Another thing we love to do is to hop on over to Ghirardelli. While they have delicious milkshakes and ice cream, we like to walk through the chocolate shop.

Chocolate Square

This is because there’s usually an employee who will hand out FREE chocolate squares!! And hey, ya can’t beat some free chocolate, right?

Live Music/ Entertainment

Another fun part about Disney Springs is that there are lots of fun and unique entertainment offerings. From live music to moving statues and comedians, there is typically a free show that guests can catch in the evenings and often throughout the day.

Stormtroopers in Disney Springs

Build Legos

Although the store is not currently offering hands-on experiences due to the current health situation, kiddos and adults alike can usually create fun masterpieces at the LEGO store.

Lego Store

This is a great place to take the little ones who are bored after a long day of shopping!

Christmas Tree Trail During the Holidays

During the holiday season, Disney Springs also offers a stunning Christmas Tree Trail. Here, guests can walk through a lot filled with Disney-themed Christmas trees.

Minnie Mouse Tree

This is usually offered daily and will be available at night as well. Here you will even find delicious holiday snacks and treats!!

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2 Replies to “Five Things to Do at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs That Don’t Cost a Dime”

  1. The “FREE GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE SQUARES” were not available two weeks ago when we were there. Not sure when or if Ghirardelli is going to continue this.

  2. You can also visit the CocaCola store and take your picture with the adorable Coke Polar Bear! He’s big but cuddly. You can turn a crank and make the Springs water move in a certain way. It’s a good workout for your arms. You can marvel at many Lego sculptures created , some of them huge. You can see a volcano erupting frequently ,coming from the Rainforest Cafe. I’m getting desperate now! Watch a seemingly normal convertible car drive into a lake! Enjoy the beauty of the tethered hot air balloon rising in the sky. Take your picture in a store that has a replica of a giant Teacup. There’s also an original Disney Skyliner car suspended from the ceiling. A few years back, Toy Stores offered a chance to make endless Potato Head figures with a Disney flair. Also My LIttle Ponies to dress. A small version of the Magic Kingdom was on display. It had the monorail encircling many of the parks attractions. Everyone loved it. Things change and evolve. Your article proves that you can have a nice great time visiting Disney Springs with your credit card safely tucked away!