The BEST Snack in Every Land of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Some snacks are consistently at the top of our must-eat list when we’re exploring Walt Disney World. And one of the great things about Magic Kingdom is the incredible number of choices the park offers — including its snacks!

Casey’s Corner

With all of the awesome options to choose from, what’s the best snack in each Magic Kingdom land? Here are our picks!

Main Street, U.S.A.

Let’s start by walking right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A., to grab the Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner! There was some solid competition here — just thinking of all the sweet treats at Main Street Confectionery and the sundaes at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor makes us hungry!

Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner

But the Corn Dog Nuggets are such a convenient and satisfying snack option, and we just can’t resist dipping them in that delicious cheese sauce (yeah, it’s worth the extra $1). So, as stiff as the competition was, we give the nod to the nuggets!


Time to head over to Adventureland! This land is home to both the iconic Dole Whip and the beloved Citrus Swirl frozen treats. So, which one of these takes the crown? Neither! Well, not exactly. We’re going with the Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Pineapple Dole Whip at Aloha Isle! This snack offers a little something extra in addition to the iconic Dole Whip.

Aloha Isle

The sweetness of the cake pairs well with the tartness of the Dole Whip, which makes this snack our must-have in Adventureland!


Okay, now that we’ve had our sweet fix, we’re digging back into a savory option in Frontierland. Our pick is the Chili-Cheese Waffle Fries at Golden Oak Outpost! The menu tends to change fairly often here, but when it is serving up waffle fries, we can’t resist.

Golden Oak Outpost

But we will give a small disclaimer for this snack — we recommend grabbing it after you’ve gone for a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After all, it is the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Liberty Square

Despite its small size compared to the other lands of Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square still packs a punch when it comes to snack offerings. And here, we’re going with the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow!

Sleepy Hollow Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Between the crispy waffle, fresh fruit, and rich Nutella, this delicious snack might just have been the easiest choice on the list!


From our easiest choice to our toughest — there are a ton of great snacks in Fantasyland! The Loaded Tots at Friar’s Nook, the Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern, and the Cheshire Cat Tail at Cheshire Cafe all come to mind! But after much deliberation, we chose the Peter Pan Float at Storybook Treats as our top Fantasyland snack! The float is made with Dole Whip lime soft-serve, Sprite, and a red-tinted white chocolate feather to top it off.


This is a super refreshing snack to enjoy on a hot day, plus the gorgeous presentation doesn’t hurt! (At present, this isn’t on the online menu, but we’re hoping it comes back from Neverland soon!)


On to our last land of Magic Kingdom! And in Tomorrowland, we’re giving the win to another frozen treat — the Space Ranger Slush at The Lunching Pad! The grape and sour apple-layered slushy is served with a candy straw and makes for a sweet and sour treat that perfectly fits the Tomorrowland aesthetic.

Space Ranger Slush [Disney]
We think this is the perfect snack to reward yourself with if you manage to become a Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin!

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, frozen or toasty, simple or inventive, there’s a Magic Kingdom snack for you! These are our picks for the best snacks in each of the lands throughout the park. But we’re always open for another taste test — for scientific purposes, of course!

What are your favorite snacks in each of the Magic Kingdom lands? Let us know your picks in the comments!

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