10 Crazy Details in Disney’s Animal Kingdom You Probably Missed

It’s no surprise that Walt Disney World’s largest park has a bunch of amazing hidden details.

Tree of Life

Animal Kingdom opened in 1998 as a testament to the story-telling skills of the Imagineers who built it. The story of the park is made all the better by some beautiful and surprising details we can still see today.

Take a look at these 10 awesome Animal Kingdom details!

1. Beastly Kingdom Dragon

Next time you’re headed to Animal Kingdom, take a look at one of the signs in the entrance area! You might be surprised to see a dragon’s head included with the more real animals. This was to represent a never-built land of the park, the Beastly Kingdom!

Beastly Kingdom is even represented at the Park’s entrance!

2. Dinosaur Condiments

In the queue for the Dinosaur ride, take a look up and you’ll spot some pipes in red, yellow, and white. Since the attraction was originally sponsored by McDonald’s, these pipes have the chemical makeups of ketchup, mustard, and mayo printed on them!

Pipes in Dinosaur Queue

3. Oil Rig in the Tree of Life

If you look closely at the Tree of Life, it might look like something more than a tree. Perhaps this is due to the many animal forms carved into the trunk. Or, perhaps it is because the structure is actually made from a repurposed oil rig.

Tree of Life

4. Walls Near Zuri’s Sweets Shop

Zuri’s Sweets Shop is one of the best places to get a treat in Animal Kingdom. Next time you’re there, take a look at the nearby walls to find all sorts of details in posters that call to the African inspirations of the park and the attractions nearby.

Zuri’s Sweet Shop

5. Dinoland U.S.A., Route 498

Dinoland U.S.A. is interestingly themed like a Florida roadside attraction, and it really does feel like it! The illusion is partially supported by the fact that the ground looks like a real road, Route 498 to be specific. The 498 is a call to the opening of Animal Kingdom in April of 1998!

Dinoland U.S.A.

6. Handprints on Flight of Passage

As you’re exiting Flight of Passage, you might notice some rather human handprints. These were left by some of the creators that worked on the attraction! There’s Avatar director James Cameron’s, Avatar producer Jon Landeau, and Imagineer Joe Rohde.

Handprints at Flight of Passage

7. Yeti Shrine

One of our favorite details in Asia is just across the way from Expedition Everest. There, the “locals” of Anandapur have created a shrine to the yeti and left offerings. The coolest part is that it’s actually in the shape of the mountain behind it!

Yeti Shrine

8. Dino Sue

Back over to Dinosaur, you might notice a pretty cool Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. This is actually a replica of the largest intact T-Rex fossil ever discovered. And, yes, her name is Sue.


9. Predator and Prey Pagodas

At Flame Tree Barbecue on Discovery Island, you might want to take a look at the pagodas where you eat! Each of these tables is themed after a pairing of predator and prey. For example, one is themed after ants and anteaters!

Flame Tree BBQ

10. Largest Disney Park in the World

We mentioned earlier that Animal Kingdom is the largest park at Disney World, but did you know it’s also the largest Disney Park on Earth? It’s no wonder why your legs are so tired when you end your Animal Kingdom day!

Animal Kingdom Map

Do you know any hidden details in Animal Kingdom? Share them in the comments!

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