Rose Gold Ears Are Back With a New Look in Disney World!

Rose Gold: The Color Trend that started it all. Few hues have sparked such a revolution in Disney merchandising.

Rose Gold Merchandise

While there’s a veritable rainbow of shades available for your selection (from Arendelle Aqua to Redd), it’s hard to beat the OG. That’s why Disney has released another iteration of this insanely popular color trend with new Minnie Ears!

The new Ears can be found in the Briar Rose Gold section of your favorite retail location, having replaced the previously available design.

Rose Gold III: A Twist In Taste

Unlike previous color trend ears, the new design takes a bold new approach for a tighter, more elegant look. Just compare them with these other ears below.

Let’s use Redd as an example, even though she be a scurvy pirate. Arrr… ©Disney

The new Ears feature even more shine, with more compact-looking glitter in lieu of the larger sequins of the original.

The glimmer and shimmer is much more pronounced, making this set of ears look more like glittering gold, rather than a sequined pair of ears.

The bow is also larger and much more vibrant that previous iterations, while the ears themselves have a new frame around the side to create a tighter, more defined look.

The new pair has a much cleaner look than previous iterations.

We spotted these new Ears at the Emporium at Magic Kingdom for $29.99. However, we’ll expect to see them wherever color trend merchandise is sold.

Do you like this new design? Would you like it to spread to the other color trends, or remain a Rose Gold exclusive? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “Rose Gold Ears Are Back With a New Look in Disney World!”

  1. I own an original pair of rose gold ears, unfortunately they don’t get much use. Why? Comfort level. It’s hard to wear a pair of ears all day if they pinch your head. I don’t have a big head! Although Disney designs beautiful ears, I wish they could improve the comfort. Some ears are better than others, however in general maybe they could pad the inside. At the end of a Day in the parks, my my poor head feels like they are still on!