Regal Eagle Smokehouse is Now Open, Bringing BBQ (And More Muppets) to Disney!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue has officially opened at the America Pavilion in Epcot, and we’ve got all of the details about this smokin’ new quick-service restaurant!


This Muppet-inspired eatery is replacing the space’s previous resident, Liberty Inn, and will serve as the American Adventure Pavilion‘s new quick-service location, providing delicious barbecued meats and craft brews with a touch of whimsical flair (along with commemorative merchandise!).

The story here is that Sam the Eagle is hosting his perpetual Centennial Barbecue competition.

Sam’s Centennial Cook-Off

Decor and Layout

We were welcomed into the grand opening by two smiling Cast Members and a pretty patriotic set of curtains over the main entrance.

Regal Eagle Entrance

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the Regal Eagle is the new seating. The restaurant is themed after a backyard cookout hosted by Sam the Eagle, rather than simply being a tavern.

Regal Eagle Interior

The indoor tables have a nice wood finish to them and look pretty outdoorsy even though they’re inside.

Regal Eagle Seating

Thank goodness for those paper towels, because things are about to get saucy! There’s plenty of seating inside, but that’s not all the places to chow down.

Regal Eagle Seating

In fact, there’s a large outdoor seating area on a refreshed patio space replete with lots of red brick. This space has been open for several weeks, providing some picnic tables for World Showcase travelers.

Regal Eagle Outdoor Patio

Now that the restaurant is operational, the outdoor space has even more seating available, including the addition of umbrellas to provide some shade.

Regal Eagle Outdoor Patio

Plus, the outdoor tables surround this glorious featured meat smoker!

Regal Eagle Smoker

There are a bunch of fun details hidden around the restaurant too. We can only expect that Sam Eagle’s kitchen would look as fundamentally American as this.

Regal Eagle Details

Our favorite detail comes in the form of the Muppet Pitmaster Competitors posted on the wall! You can spot Janice, Rowlf, Bobo, and Gonzo.

Muppet Competitors
Muppet Competitors
Muppet Competitors
Muppet Competitors

In fact, don’t miss any of the many fun details on the walls in here! Keep your eyes peeled to spot a map of the Carolinas, prize ribbons, ingredients, cooking tools, and paraphernalia that just screams Americana.

Wall Decorations
Wall Decorations
Wall Decorations
Wall Decorations

The service hasn’t changed too much from Liberty Inn. You’ll be able to order via Mobile Order or order with a cast member as is standard practice at quick-service restaurants.

Regal Eagle Menu Board
Regal Eagle Pickup

Soda is self-serve too. It seems like this place will have a salute to all things fizzy, but mostly Coca Cola.

Fountain Soda

There is a fixings bar that will include a wide array of BBQ sauces representing different areas of the US. Sign us up for that vinegar-based sauce. Yum!

Sauce Selection
Sauce Selection

Before you head to a table, you can also pick up any other fixings you need and metal utensils.


And when you’re done there’s a neat spot to leave your dishes, trays, and trash.

Trays and Trash

Still, it’s the food that’s the real star of the show. During our visit, we got to try a bunch of items off of the menu, but we’ll tell yah: we had a few definite favorites.

Food Options

The Brisket Sandwich was a big winner for us and those onion rings are the perfect sidekick. Although, if fries are more your thing, those are great here too.

Brisket Sandwich

Of course, we tried all of the sauces. We can’t even pick a favorite because the selections were so yummy all around.

Sauce Options

We also gave the pickles side option a try too. This is a fun choice because it’s a little more unique than fries and onion rings.

Pickle Chips

And we didn’t forget dessert! Can you blame us for getting both the Banana Pudding and the S’mores Brownie?


Check out the Regal Eagle Smokehouse menu here!

This new restaurant is open right now at Epcot, so swing on by and let Sam know which of his delectable dishes should win the grand prize of best barbecue in America! And don’t forget to check out our thoughts on the restaurant’s outdoor walk-up bar as well, which you can find here!

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3 Replies to “Regal Eagle Smokehouse is Now Open, Bringing BBQ (And More Muppets) to Disney!”

  1. This looks wonderful. We have multiple people in our family with celiac disease and nut allergies. It would be wonderful if you could get pictures of the allergy menu as so families like ours could figure out if they can go to all these wonderful new restaurants. Thanks for providing all these amazing updates.

    1. If you check out the Regal Eagle page on Disney’s website, they do provide several of their allergy-friendly menus for the restaurant!