AllEars Pro Tips for Staying Dry on Walt Disney World’s Wettest Water Rides!

We’ve developed a few pro tips we’re happy to share with you if you’re water-adverse and trying not to get SOAKED on Disney World’s wettest rides!

Splash Mountain Sign

And while several Disney attractions feature water, not all of them will leave you dripping wet (such as the gentler ‘it’s a small world’ or Gran Fiesta Tour Featuring the Three Caballeros!)

But here are four rides you’ll need to know a few tricks for if you’re gonna keep dry!

Splash Mountain

Heed the warning signs you’ll see in queue for Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain: “You may get wet!” But whether you get completely doused or not may just depend on you!

Splash Mountain

Luckily, if you ride Splash Mountain earlier in the day, you can score a free Ziploc bag to keep some of your smaller items bone dry, such as your phone or autograph book. (We usually bring a spare quart or gallon-size resealable bag just in case the Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Ziplocs have already been handed out for the day since they only give out a certain number daily.) This is the ONE and ONLY wet ride at Disney World that hands out special, themed-Ziploc bags, and they make a great free souvenir!

Splash Mountain Ziploc

As for dodging the drops, here are some of the lessons we learned (many of them hard way!!). Try to sit in the back of the log behind larger people in the first few rows if at all possible. Duck down as you go down the hill, and try to let the people in front of you absorb most of the watery impact. When you hit bottom, raise your feet quickly to avoid the wave of water that comes from the back of the log and moves quickly to front.

Splash Mountain

And if you remember anything, remember this: DO NOT sit on the right side of the log. This might not seem like a big deal at first, as the big drop generally affects both sides of the log equally, however, after the drop, as you’re waiting to re-enter the show building for the big grand finale scene, logs tend to jam up. If you’re sitting on the right side, there’s an annoying waterfall right where your log stops while it waits for the logs in front of you to get moving again. Being stuck next to this waterfall can soak you in a matter of seconds — just when you thought you were in the clear! So make sure you’re the first one to climb into the log when loading up, and you’re good to go (just fain like you’re shocked and surprised when the person next to you gets super-duper WET!).

Kali River Rapids

Ah, Kali River Rapids — the Russian Roulette of Disney World wet rides. It seems no matter which way the raft turns, we’re all the Guy who gets it the worst! But here’s our best advice for how to handle this spin-the-wheel Animal Kingdom soak-a-thon: EMBRACE THE PONCHO!

Kali River Rapids

Hey, you know and love ’em from those rainy days at the Disney parks, so why not have another use for them! They’re excellent protection against the rapids of the Chakranadi River! And similar to Splash Mountain, we definitely recommend riding feet up — for pretty much the duration of the entire ride if you’ve got the thigh muscles for it! And bring an extra pair of socks and shoes if you plan on riding this one — maybe a spare pair of underwear, too, you know, just in case your best-laid plans go awry!

Kali River Rapids

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean won’t normally get ya like these first two will, but the classic Disney attraction is not without its perils — especially on warmer days!Maybe you’ve noticed this yourself if you’ve ever ridden Pirates of the Caribbean throughout the year. The cannon blasts when you enter the large room with the pirate ship after the small drop are much bigger on hot days, while on cooler days, the “explosions” are reduced! I guess Disney thinks maybe some guests will find the splash refreshing — but it can get you pretty wet if you’re not expecting it!

Watch out for cannon blasts!

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is similar to Pirates of the Caribbean in that we’ve had trips on board where we barely got wet and other times when the entire left side of our bodies were completely saturated. Sitting in the back of Frozen Ever After seemed to put us at a dryness disadvantage. Sometimes after the drop, a wall of water comes up over the side of the boat, drenching us from the waist down. But other times this hasn’t happened, so it might have something to do with weight distribution or something to that effect.

Frozen Ever After

Either way, you probably don’t need to don a poncho to ride Frozen Ever After (you’ll probably incur some funny looks if you do) but do take a look at the seats as you climb in to assess the moisture situation. Avoid sitting in any puddles or areas where H20 has collected!

Frozen Ever After

What are some of the CLUTCH tips and techniques you’ve picked up for staying dry on Disney World’s water rides? Share them with us below!

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3 Replies to “AllEars Pro Tips for Staying Dry on Walt Disney World’s Wettest Water Rides!”

  1. we like to buy those cheap ponchos from the camping section in the store for about a dollar each. We can carry those around for the wet rides and pay it forward to someone entering the ride as we exit. People are usually grateful and since we usually only ride once a day, we’re grateful to not have to carry around a wet piece of plastic for the rest of the day and we don’t feel like we’ve wasted money by passing it on. I always wonder how many trips my poncho makes in the day and if the next recipient also paid it forward as well.

    1. Wouldn’t that be wild if you returned several years later and someone getting off the ride handed you your old poncho?

  2. Rode Kali twice and both times I got off without a dry spot on my body. Good news, it was 100 degrees and I dried out in about 15 minutes.