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Have you ever picked up a snack at one of the Disney parks, taken a bite and immediately thought, “Wow! This is good! I wish I had discovered this years ago!” That has happened to Carol and I quite a few times over the years and we’ve “discovered” a few favorites!

There is a vast, and ever-changing selection of food choices at Walt Disney World and we often discover new choices. Here are a few of our current “faves”.

Pork Egg Rolls
Animal Kingdom is our favorite spot for egg rolls. We usually arrive at Animal Kingdom early in the morning, enjoy a safari ride and a few other attractions and then head back to Fort Wilderness for the afternoon. The quick service counter at Yak & Yeti is often our last stop before we leave.

Egg Rolls

In our opinion, the pork egg rolls they serve are the best at Walt Disney World. An order of 2 egg rolls costs $4.49 and is just enough for a light lunch.

Carrot Cake Cookie
This dessert delicacy can be found at the Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios. Many people walk right past the Writer’s Stop and don’t even notice it as they rush from one attraction to the next. It is just past the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, on your right as you make the turn from Commissary Lane onto the Streets of America.

The Writers Stop

Once you are inside you might not even notice the cookies in the display case. Don’t pass them by though! Wow, are they good!

Carrot Cake Cookie display

On our trip to The World in October 2014 we also saw the Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells, between Starring Rolls and Villains in Vogue.

It’s a tasty cookie sandwich! Two moist cookies with a wonderful carrot cake texture and flavor are held together by a sweet cream cheese icing.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Carrot Cake Cookie

Oh boy! A taste of heaven for $3.99 – or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Citrus Swirl
Looking for a tasty alternative to Dole Whips? Tired of those long lines at the Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle? Head on through Adventureland to the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Turn between the Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Room and Aladdin’s Flying Carpets and find a tasty frozen treat – have a Citrus Swirl! There is seldom a line and Carol just loves them! The Disney Food Blog describes the Citrus Swirl as: “A bit like a creamsicle, this chilly snack twists vanilla soft-serve with a sweet-tart frozen orange juice.” Carol describes it as: “Yummy, my favourite treat!”

Citrus Swirl

(Sometimes I wonder if it might be the Orange Bird merchandise that attracts Carol to the Sunshine Tree Terrace – she has an impressive collection of Orange Bird trinkets and treasures!)

I like the pineapple float from Aloha Isle, pineapple soft-serve ice cream with real pineapple juice ($4.99).

Aloha Isle

Pineapple Float

I pick up a float while Carol buys her swirl ($3.79). I stir, and stir, and stir as I make my way back to the Sunshine Tree Terrace to meet Carol. By the time I get there it’s like a very thick milk shake . . . I sip it through a straw. Nice!
Caution – brain freeze zone!

Citrus and Pineapple

Croissant Doughnut (Cronut)
Try this next time you visit EPCOT. The Refreshment Port, on the right as you head toward the Canada Pavilion, sells them.

The Refreshment Port

Look for the “Croissant Doughnut” on the overhead menu.

Overhead Sign

Imagine a moist croissant texture inside, a slightly crispy doughnut exterior, all dipped in cinnamon-sugar . . . a taste of heaven for $4.69!

Croissant Doughnut

The first time Carol and I tried a cronut we bought one and split it. That’s not likely to happen again . . . they are too good to share!

Have you tried the Churros in Frontierland? A churro is a long thin doughnut or cruller, light and bubbly on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside. They are dipped in cinnamon-sugar and served warm.



What’s not to like? Look for the wheeled cart along the Rivers of America in Frontierland. This tasty treat will cost you $4.00 or one Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Be careful around the churro cart! Last February Carol’s parents, John and Sybil, were sharing one of these deep-fried treats. They broke it in half and Sybil had taken one small bite when a sea gull swooped down and snatched it out of her hand. The brazen bird landed about thirty feet away and defiantly gulped it down while we watched!

Werther’s Caramel Corn
The Werther’s Shop in the Karamell-Küche at EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion is a dangerous spot!


When it opened in 2010 it was the only free-standing retail location for Werther’s in the world and, to the best of my knowledge, it remains the only spot in the world where you can buy fresh, warm Werther’s Caramel Corn.

Caramel Corn

The second you walk in the door the aroma grabs your attention! Every day cast members are busy making fresh caramel confections, including caramel apples and popcorn, caramel-drizzled cupcakes, rice krispie treats, cookies, strawberries, and much more. Wow!

Caramel Corn

I’m not sure who it was that first said, “You can’t eat just one!” But I’d be willing to bet that they were eating warm Werther’s Caramel Corn at the time. Only $3.99 or $5.99 for a bag full of bliss! Buy the large one – you’ll be glad you did!

Mickey Sandwich Bar
Everyone loves the classic Mickey Bar, officially named “Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar” – a Mickey shaped piece of ice cream dipped in milk chocolate. But have you ever tried a Mickey Sandwich Bar? You will see it on the vendor carts in all the parks, they call it “Mickey’s Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Mickey Sandwich

It is very similar to the classic Mickey Bar, but the Mickey shaped ice cream is clad in two soft-textured chocolate wafers.

Mickey Sandwich

Mickey Sandwich

It has a much stronger chocolate flavor; just the thing for a choc-o-holic like Carol! (I’m not a chocolate fan, so I prefer the milder flavor of the dipped version!) Either bar will cost you $4.00 and is sure to refresh you while you wait in the blazing sun for that three o’clock parade!

Mickey Sandwich

Italian Sausage
My final item, sausage-in-a-bun, is not really a snack, it’s more of a light lunch . . . if you haven’t tried it, you really should! It’s worth stopping for!

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner is the place for this simple delicacy! Along the shore of Echo Lake, in Hollywood Studios, is a quick service restaurant disguised as a boat. That’s Min & Bills!

Min and Bills

Min and Bills

They prepare your snack as you wait. You can watch as they trim a bit off the end of a fresh, tasty French bread stick then use a special little machine to remove a tube of bread from the center of the baguette.

Min and Bills machine

This hole is stuffed full of sauteed onion and green pepper along with a mild Italian sausage. Dee-lish! The sandwich is served with a teensy-weensy bag of potato chips and costs $9.19. Here’s a money saving tip – ask them to “Hold the chips.” and they will knock $2.00 off the price. The sandwich with no side is $7.19. It’s a nice option when you’re looking for a light lunch.

Sausage on a bun

They also serve a similar sandwich in a Pretzel bun, the center of the bun is removed and stuffed with a frankfurter and Dijon mustard. Sometimes they are a bit generous with the mustard; I recommend that you ask for the mustard “on the side.” The frankfurter is $8.29 (or $6.29 without that ittsy-bittsy bag of chips).

So that’s it folks . . . our short list of “favorite snacks”. There are plenty of other choices too, turkey legs, caramel apples, pretzels, popcorn, etc., etc.

What is your favorite Disney snack?

Gary hails from Canada and he’s a lifelong Disney fan. In the 1950s he watched the original Mickey Mouse Club and The Wonderful World of Disney on a snowy old black-and-white television. Gary was mesmerized by the Disneyland that Walt introduced to the world during those Sunday night shows! In 1977 he took his young family to Walt Disney World for the first time and suddenly that Disney magic he experienced as a child was rekindled. Since then Gary and his wife Carol have enjoyed about 70 trips to Walt Disney World, 11 trips to Disneyland and 11 Disney Cruises.

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40 Replies to “Favorite Disney Snacks”

  1. My husband and I always get a chocolate moose from the French pavilion. Since they moved the patisserie it’s even more convenient and yummy to eat as we take in the sights before the fireworks.

  2. The Churros in Mexico with caramel sauce. They are Devine. And the Jalepeno pretzel as mentioned above. I’m going to try the zebra bites and the Cronut’s next trip. Oh….and the citrus swirl has been one of my long time favorites!

  3. Zebra domes at the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Mara. Indescribable. It’s always our last stop when we check out and I bring several boxes home in the cooler.

  4. I just discovered the Mint Bliss sundae at the Ghirardelli shop in Downtown Disney on my last trip. The best hot fudge sauce ever over scoops of chocolate i.c. and mint chocolate chip i.c. And it’s big enough for two to share!

  5. I never go wrong with a huge Turkey Leg at Epcot….also a frappe/milk shake from 50s Prime Time Cafe makes me feel like I am back in time.

  6. Our favorites are the ham and cheese croissants from Boulangerie Patisserie in France (always good for a snack waiting for Illuminations) and the frozen chocolate bananas available at many ice cream carts in the different parks. The sugared almonds that are sold in Africa in AK are a favorite, too.

  7. I loved the Olaf Carrot Cupcake they had when I was in the World back in September 2014. I was a deliciously moist carrot cupcake with a sweet cream cheese filling, cream cheese frosting and a white chocolate Olaf on top. DELICIOUS!! 🙂

  8. I love all the choices here, but a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream parlor on Main St just feels so part of the story. I feel like I am in Walt’s home town having a cone. It just seems to transport me to another time.

  9. My favorite snack is the jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel. You can get it in AK outside the safari and also in Epcot in America. SOOOO delicious and a must do for me on every trip.

  10. The peanut butter & jelly milkshake at the Tune In Lounge at Hollywood Studios. The Kringla sweet pretzel from the bakery in Norway at Epcot. The HUGE ice cream cookie sandwich from Dino Bite Snacks at Animal Kingdom. A cream cheese filled pretzel from The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. The ‘Monkey Cupcake’ from the Caribbean Beach Resort. These are a few of my favorite things.

  11. My favorite snack is found at Goofys Candy Store at DTD. I order a mickey Rice Krispy, dipped in chocolate, smothered in Pecans and drizzled with white chocolate. I always bring several home.

  12. I am reading this at work and boy am I hungry now!
    My absolute must have snack is the Dole Whip or more recently the pineapple float, then anything at the Boulangerie Patisserie in Epcot, but specifically the Fraises ( vanilla cream, topped with strawberries) or the Pommes ( puff pastry dough with caramelized apples) and of course a Mickey bar during the heat of the day anywhere, any time.
    Some of your suggestions look good too!
    And now, if you will excuse me, I must find a cookie or something that might be hiding in my desk drawer!

  13. my favorite snake is from what was the little ice cream parlour near the dwarfs mine train. There you get amazing brownie sundaes and strawberry short cake. We normally skip breakie on our last morning and have this mid morning or an afternoon treat and no lunch. It’s that filling.

  14. My family and I have not been to DW since 2012 but are planning a trip back in December of this year. I remember when we went the last time I finally got the Dole Whip I had read so much about and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait until we go again and I can get the Dole Whip again. Of course we always have to get a Mickey Mouse ice cream while we are there. I am so excited about being able to return to DW three years after our last trip.

  15. One of my favorites and to anyone who likes rice pudding I suggest the “Rice Cream” at the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe at the Norway Pavilion (EPCOT), and at $2.69 (sept.2014 price) worth every penny.

  16. My top 5 are the Belgian and Nutella Waffle with Fruit at Sleepy Hollow, the freshly made Cookie & Ice Cream sandwich at Sleepy Hollow, napoleon in France, rice kreme in Norway and the Sausage Sandwich in Hollywood Studios.

    Oh yes, and don’t forget popcorn – not that it is extraordinary but it is the best accompaniant to people watching.

  17. I will share a snack story . . . on one of our trips a year or so ago, my wife and I stopped for a funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow in MK just past the bridge off the hub. When it was served, they put the powdered sugar on it and asked me if there was enough. I answered there is never enough . . . you can’t have too much.

    The server said hold on a moment and took the funnel cake in the back and returned with a white mountain of powdered sugar on a large plate and assured us the funnel cake was in there somewhere!!! It was awesome! and by the time we were done eating it, we were covered in white! It was awesome fun and people passing by stopped and took pictures!

    We have tried every snack at least once and love just about all of them. But this was our highlight of all snack stops!

  18. All terrific suggestions and new ones I’ll have to try!!
    Am I the only one who enjoys a perfectly cooked FUNNELCAKE !!!

  19. My favorite snack is the Sweet Pretzel with Almonds at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway at EPCOT. It’s not a pretzel at all– it’s more of a sweet bread or a coffee cake. Try it, it’s delicious!

  20. Oh how much my son loves the Mickey pretzels. I am a huge dole whip fan and a trip there everytime we go is a must! Its hard to go almost a year without it 🙁 My wife loves the frozen strawberry drinks over at hollywood studios and the chocolate dipped strawberries with caramel swirls from germany. I always get caramel corn there just because it is awesome!

  21. My favorite Disney snack is a caramel apple from Germany or Main Street Confectionary. I do miss the pecan version. Alas, only peanut now. I used to be a passholder and would often get one as “take-out” as I left the parks. I would eat half the next day and half the day after that….to make the magic stretch until I could visit again!

  22. I am Disney veteran, but I shamefully admit I have never tried a Dole Whip. Sometimes the line is longer for that than for the rides, LOL. My favorite snacks are the cupcakes in Germany’s caramel shop & the cake pops in the MK Main Street Confectionary.

    Oh, the cake pops…. :=)

  23. I will always be a fan of the classic Disney turkey legs! I don’t know where they get these things from but they are huge. Very tasty! The pretzels from the German pavilion are also extremely good!

  24. I LOVE the citrus swirl and wonder why it doesn’t get the respect that the Dole Whip does.

    I was ecstatic when they brought back the original version. The fake one was horrible. I think they should sell T-Shirts that say Dole Whip or Citrus Swirl ? And you could check the box for your favorite. 🙂

  25. Ours is out of the parks but we love the Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter. If you’re not staying at Port Orleans it is a quick enjoyable boat ride from downtown Disney.

    If you’re ever at Disneyland they have Mickey shaped Beignets. They are always made fresh when ordered. There’s nothing like a poof of powdered sugar! Yum!

  26. I have to stop by Norway for there Rice creme and Germany for the out of this world Caramel Corn. I have to agree Gary, get the large bag you will be glad you did.

  27. I love the Mickey-shaped hot pretzels and the ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (whether the Nestle Tollhouse packaged ones from a cart or fresh ones from the ice cream parlor).

    Gonna have to try a churro on our next trip as they look really good and I’ve never had one.

  28. Ah, there is the elusive cronut! We had heard about it, but before we went in November I had neglected to look up its exact location! A scanning as we went through Epcot dd not reveal its whereabouts, but now I know for next fall! Thank you!

  29. I’ve seen many snack lists but this is one I can wholeheartedly agree with! Fabulous choices (especially the citrus swirl and Cronut)!

  30. You forgot cake pops! We ate so many vanilla Mickey cake pops dipped on chocolate…..they are so good and we crave them from trip to trip!

  31. The school bread in Norway is our go to snack. We have been known to go to Epcot just for it. Then we have to explain what we are eating to all the people waiting with us for the monorail. Love it!

  32. I love the cinnamon sugared almonds. The smell alone is amazing, and they are so good.

    [Gary writes: You can find them at a cart in Adventureland. Yes, they’re very good.]

  33. Last time I was at Disney World (November 2014), at the Circus Tent, they had chocolate dipped pineapples.

    Soooo delicious. It satisfied my need for chocolate and my craving for fresh fruit. 🙂