Tomorrowland Arcade Time

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

When the little lightning bolt is on the 10 and the big lightning bolt is on the 4, you gotta get back in time. What? Yes, I’m mixing theme parks.

As my pal Scott probably told you on Tuesday, clocks can be located everywhere in Disney Parks. They’re not casinos so they actually want you to be able to keep track of time so you don’t miss parades, shows, and dining reservations.

Over in Tomorrowland (Magic Kingdom), the arcade entrance includes this futuristic clock so you can tell your teenager exactly what time to return. Did you hear that, Marty?

Photo taken while speeding along on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority aka People Mover.

That’s all folks.

Disney Pic of the Week – Clocks

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5 Replies to “Tomorrowland Arcade Time”

  1. Lisa, Lisa, with all the wide range of clocks around in Disney World you happen to post a photo of the same one as Scott did. Small world isn’t it 🙂

    But it was interesting to see the different ways you both took photos of the same clock.

    Also loved you recent Newbie and the Geek trip journals .I hope you have more trips and journals soon.

    Lisa responds: It’s not my fault. We don’t compare notes ahead of time. Maybe we should. LOL Thanks. Yoli and I are trying to decide on a Disney trip for 2014.

  2. I’m amused that with all the clocks in WDW, you two picked the same one to show. LOL 🙂

    Lisa responds: How embarrassing. I think I’ll post something different this week, a Do Over, if you will.

  3. Hi Lisa and Scott.

    Is this the first time you both picked the same subject for Pic of the Week?

    Lisa responds: Oh man! We did it again?! :slaps forehead:

  4. Hey, wait just a minute, young lady… Isn’t that the same clock Scott posted?!

    Lisa responds: Razzle frazzle frickin’ frackin’.

  5. Who knew there was a clock there? Certainly not me, and I’ve been there more times than I can count.

    Lisa responds: You were probably too excited to see it.