Disney Pic of the Week – Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

This week we’ll be bringing you pictures of the wildly popular Fantasyland attraction, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, where kids of all ages get to experience the joy of this delightful young pachyderm’s first flight above the Magic Kingdom. If you want to experience the magic of Disney, just check out the face of any pre-schooler on their first Dumbo ride!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Copyright © 2010 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200mm VR, 1/1000s shutter, f8, ISO 200

Dumbo takes off into the big blue sky. I think if he wasn’t tethered he might never land. Be sure to check out Jack Spense’s blog about Dumbo, including concept art for the new expansion of the attraction and then come back on Thursday and Saturday to see Lisa and Scott’s take on this adorable baby elephant.

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