Tren-D — Downtown Disney Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new shop at Downtown Disney Marketplace called Tren-D.

Today (April 9, 2009) Disney held a press event to kick off this new boutique. This shop is a stylish destination with a designer flair and eclectic offerings.

Inspired by Mark Perrotta, Director of Product Design and Development for both Disney World and Disneyland, this shop has been in the works for the last eighteen months. It was Disney’s desire to create a place where unique merchandise, aimed at the trendy woman, could be found.

Offerings include organic lounge-wear, embroidered handbags, jeweled sunglasses and trendy accessories. Designers such as Kidada Jones, Tarina Tarantino, and Roxy will showcase their artistry – blending it with Disney-inspired creations.

I spoke with Dara Trujillo, Manager of Merchandise of Franchise & Synergy Development. She told me that 50% of the items in this shop are unique to this location and could not be found anywhere else at Disney World. Also, new items will be introduced every thirty days so the store will always feel fresh and new. Dara also told me that much of the artwork scattered around the shop was created especially for Tren-D. It was Mark Perrotta’s desire to create a unique environment where hip shoppers could find fun and eclectic merchandise.

Tren-D replaces Summer Sands and is near Pin Traders and Once Upon A Toy. Below are some pictures I snapped today.

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

Tren-D Downtown Disney Official Opening

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21 Replies to “Tren-D — Downtown Disney Update”

  1. I love the shot of the ceiling with all the colorful chandeliers. Can you buy them there or are they just decoration?

    Jack’s Answer: Sorry, none of the art or decorations hanging on the walls or from the ceiling are for sale. I wish it was because there are a few pieces I’d like to purchase.

  2. We were there on the evening of April 9. I have to say if you have a teenage girl this seems to be a must-do. My girls are 17 and 14 and they loved this store. My younger daughter bought a cute confirmation dress for $40, although she’ll need to wear a cardigan over it for church. They have some cool jewelry as well.
    Robin M.

  3. I was in the store on the 7 April and loved the store. Not everything has Mickey or Disney on it, but some really neat stuff! Sorry guys…I would mostly say for girls/ladies.

    I was back again on 10 April and saw the big corporate grand opening party.

    A lot of the items you can find in in World of Disney, but some things you can’t.

    Yes there is a lot going on in the store…but tons of stuff to look at when you are tired of fighting with cranky kids and pushy parents at the Pin Trading store.

  4. Since people were asking about pricing, I visited this store a couple of weeks ago, and have visited Vault 28 in California. The clothes are about the same offerings. If you look in the last picture, there is a brown shirt in the background, I purchased that for my wife in California, and it was about $50. In the same picture in the foreground, you see a plum dress. We purchased that, a scarf, and a pair of flip-flops for $89 total. This may give a bit of insight to pricing.

  5. Finally, a store that’s actually worth wading through the summer crowds to see. I’m not one to collect Christmas ornaments in August or have the budget to buy an original Disney cel, so we generally navigate around these stores along with the swelling Rain Forest Cafe line and head for either Pin Trading or World of Disney for the usual souvenirs to bring home.
    From the pictures posted, it would absolutely draw me in for a walk-through.
    I look forward to seeing it in August!

  6. Looks interesting. I was a WDWCP years & years ago (more than 15, that is) and I remember a store that had a similar feel, with the trendy theme, that is. I just can’t remember the name of it. This was pre “Downtown Disney”…you know, when it was just Disney Village Marketplace. (I worked at Team Mickey when it was half its current size & located where the Christmas Shop is now.)

    But, anyway, back to the topic at hand. I will definately have to check this out when I visit this summer!

    Jack’s Comments:

    I pulled out two old guide maps for the Disney Village. I found one shop called “Sassy’s.” The description for this store was, “Trend setting fashions for women and children.”

    A later map has a shop called “The City.” The description for this store reads, “The hottest new men’s and women’s apparel including Mossimo and No Fear, in a cool setting that pluses to the beat of today’s hot music.

    Perhaps one of these was the shop you were thinking of.

  7. This store looks great. Though I really loved Summer Sands and I am sad too see it go this place looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see it in April! Also is everything Disney related or does everything have Mickey on it. Are there other characters on the clothes as well?

    Jack’s Comment: Only about half of the clothes have Mickey (or Minnie) on them. The rest are just trendy. The designer clothes were “inspired” by Disney, but do not have blatant images.

  8. Can you buy any of the art in the shop? I really love the pop art picture of Mickey with all the colors and paint you took!

    Jack’s Comment: To answer your question, no, none of the art is for sale. Too bad. There are several pieces I would love to have.

  9. WOW!!! I can’t wait to check out this shop in 2 weeks when we arrive on property!

    It’s nice to hear they are going to be keeping the merchandise assortment more unique than the other retail locations.

    I’m thinking I might need to be budgeting more $ for shopping now! LOL

  10. Oh yeah, Also, what’s the price range of the new store going to be?

    Jack’s Comment: See my comment for Stacie (above).

  11. I love this shops look. Very hip and trendy. I personally can see myself loving this store. I do however like finding the same things @ every store. I am happy though that this shop as trendy disney supplies. As a teenager myself I think that this shop will make disney more appealing to teens. It gives disney a corner of trendyness. I personally love everything about disney though. I can’t wait to shop here.Unfortunatly I don’t always have time to go 2 downtown disney. with this shop and the new balloon ride I will make downtown disney a priority.

  12. Wow…what a cute store. We love Downtown Disney, but most of the stores do look alike and you can get most of the merchandise in the parks, so why waste precious park-hopping days at DTD?? This will definitely make me want to go shopping at DTD again!

  13. Wow! This store looks awesome!! Can’t wait to visit it this December!! Did you get a chance to check out the average price range of the merchandise. Just from the pictures, I am guessing it is a bit more pricey than general Disney merchandise.

    Jack’s Comments: Sorry Stacie. It never occurred to me to check the prices. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have a clue as to whether they were good or outrageous. Being Disney, I’m sure they’re not cheap.

    But I’ve always been satisfied with the quality of the men’s clothes I’ve purchased at Disney World so the higher prices don’t make me cringe too much.

  14. Wow, I look forward to shopping when we take our “Girls Gone Disney,” trip in September. The photos are beautiful! I bet they do not do justice to the actual boutique!

  15. Well, so much for my snarky comment a few weeks ago that the merchandise looked like stuff you could find all over property.

    How about some stuff for the trendy man.

    Guess I’ll have to go to Vault Disney in September.

    Jack’s Comment: I specifically spoke with Dara Trujillo about KEEPING merchandise unique at this shop. I told her that many of my readers and friends have complained that every shop around property carries the same stuff. See agreed with me completely. Let’s hope this is a trend that carries on to other locations.