Announcing the AllEars Running Team

We are pleased, honored, and excited to announce the formation of the AllEars® Running Team.

This team will be co-captained by AllEars® feature writer Michelle Scribner and yours truly who together have combined to participate in over a dozen Walt Disney World sponsored races including four half-marathons.

Our Goals

So what is the goal for the AllEars® Running Team?

It’s very simple. We all care about having good health”¦right?

We know that exercise goes hand in hand with developing good health”¦right?

We also know that having the support of others helps us reach our goals”¦.right?

Thus it occurred to us that we can do all those and more by putting together a team to encourage our readers to start moving, get healthy, and improve the quality of their everyday life.

Another important goal is to help those who are considering taking up running and reaching for that ultimate goal of running in either the Walt Disney World half or full marathon”¦and we want to help.

Remember, we are not running experts nor are we medical professionals”¦but with over 40 years of running experience between us we can call upon our experiences to pass along to our team members what seems to work to help you get the most out of your training.

We also know where to go to get help”¦advice”¦training tools”¦almost anything you need.

How to Join

For you to join the 2010 AE Running Team you need to be registered for the 2010 Walt Disney World Marathon or Half-Marathon.

We will be focusing on helping everyone train for that weekend and we are excited for those who are planning to do either race for the first time as well as those returning.

If you would like to join the AllEars Running Team, please note that for 2010 we are limiting the number of participants. At this time we do not know what our participation limit will be.

If you would like to become a member of the AllEars Running team please send an email to Michelle at [email protected] and tell her why you want to be on the team and how you hope the team can help you.

We are striving to help not just our team members reach a specific goal but also looking to help others in need and so we are asking all who become members to work towards raising $500 towards Deb’s Avon Breast Cancer Fund.

Our initial AllEars Running Team newsletter will contain more details on this fundraising effort. More on the team newsletter follows.

Member Benefits

Team members will receive official AllEars Running Team Newsletters that will feature special articles along with some tips and hints on preparing for the big race.

Team members will be encouraged and welcomed to contribute to the team newsletter with questions regarding training and to share their success stories.

All team members will be invited to a special team meet the night before the 2010 Walt Disney World Half-Marathon. Time and venue is TBD.

We may also be holding a special post-race celebratory meeting in January”¦.but we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

We are working on other surprises for team members”¦surprises we will announce in upcoming team newsletters.

Co-Captains Mike and Michelle

Oh and in case you were wondering, we are both registered to participate in the 2010 Walt Disney World Half-Marathon and are feverishly training.

Again, if you are interested in becoming a member of the AllEars Running Team send an email to Michelle at [email protected] today.

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13 Replies to “Announcing the AllEars Running Team”

  1. I would love to join the team – but I’m not running the half this year. I’ll be doing my second Tower of Terror 13k in October (I like to get my run in before I enjoy the Food & Wine Festival), so I’ll be reading along gathering my training tips for that event. I’ve never run a half (up until last year I had never run any distance race), but I’ve already told my husband, the real runner in the family, that if I ever do a half, it will be at Disney! Looking forward to your tips!

    Hi Cheri,

    Because this is our first year of running the ALLEARS running team we felt it best to limit it to the first 50 interested folks who are also running during the WDW Marathon Weekend.

    We felt bad about limiting the membership but the administrative aspects of handling the team had us wondering just how many team members we could properly support.

    Good luck with your running and please keep us in mind next year.

    I hope our running blog helps you.



  2. My 15 YO daughter and I will be running in the half marathon in 2010. I have already committed to Team Voice but she would like to become a member of the All Ears team. Given the choice, she would rather run for Deb’s charity. I can not guarantee that she can raise $500 but at least $300 is doable. Who knows, the competition might spur us on to raise even more. You will be getting the better athlete, her longest run is up to 7 miles. I am confident she will finish. I am not so sure I will but we are both working to build up our stamina.

    Hi CJ,

    I’m sorry to say that we’ve had to close the membership for this year’s AE Running team. the response has been overwhelming and we found that 50 is the limit we can support in this, the intial year for the running club.

    Pleas wish your daughter the best of luck from us and I might add that I am a big supporter of Team Voice and Jonathan.



  3. I would love to be part of your team. I am a marathon walker. My first marathon was the Disney World marathon in January 2008. This past January 2009 I finished the Disney World half marathon. I am registed for the Disneyland half this coming September 2009 along with one of my teammates, Susan. I am also signed up for the Goofy in 2010 along with my 2 teammates Susan and Diane. We are three caballeros who love to compete for the medals, especially the Disney medals.

    I hope you will allow me to join your team.

  4. This sounds like a great idea. I would like to participate as well. I actually went from not being able to string 2 miles together on a treadmill, to running my first marathon in March, 2009 (in Boston Qualifying time, no less) all in a period of about 15 months. Suffice it to say that I am now hooked on running!

    If you think I might be of any assistance when it comes to assuaging the fears of first time runners, please let me know what I could do to help. Not even a year has passed since I ran my first road race which was a 5k on July 4, 2008. I remember very well all of the concerns and fears that I had before that first race. Now I can’t imagine going a month without running one. Please let me know if I can help.


  5. Wow, this sounds really cool. I have been a lifelong runner. I started in the 6th grade and have loved it ever since….even if I took a year off here or there. Anyway, it has been my dream to run a 1/2 marathon and then, of course, a marathon. My family goes yearly to WDW, if not more and I thought if I am ever going to do this….it has to be at WDW! I am interested but wondering if there are any requirements to register for this race. I look forward to more information.


  6. Hello,

    Both my husand, Josh and I would like to join! We have run two events so far – Expedition everest Challenge and the royal Family 5k – signed up for Race for the Taste and the 1/2 Marathon (Josh might do the marathon.) Question for you – have you done Race for the Taste? Is it worth buying picnic tickets for our three little ones ages 1, 2 and 5? Sounds like you get everything but the food without the ticket and they might not like the food anyway… ? Or will they not be able to come with us to eat without the ticket? My memory of the food and wine selections is they are little carts/booths anyway unless it is different at the race.


  7. I second Emily’s comment. I was so nervous about running this alone! Great to have a support group!

  8. Yes¡¡¡ Im part of the team¡¡ Mike and Michelle thanks for this effort you are doing. I am so looking forward to meeting the rest of the team in January.

    I am right know as Eric Bouchet was two years ago, I was thinking all the time that I needed to loose weight but I just didn´t do nothing about it. After hearing Mike and Michelle in the last WDWtoday live podcast I decided to register to the half marathon yesterday. I hope I wll write next year a story like the one Eric Bouchet shared.

    Well I send my best wishes to all the team and I hope we will meet soon in Disney but most importantly in the finsh line¡¡¡

  9. I would love to join the team for the half marathon but I have no clue how to go about training as I have never done a marathon race in the past.
    My goal is to run even a half marathon before I’m 30(april 2010), and I just really want one of those medals!
    Any Tips?

  10. Please will you consider me – I have been trying to send this email repeatedly to Michelle for nearly a week now and it keeps bouncing. I don’t get the allears email until wednesday in the UK!

    — On Mon, 13/4/09, Jane Stirling wrote:

    From: Jane Stirling
    Subject: Allears Disney Marathon Running Team
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Monday, 13 April, 2009, 10:31 AM

    Hi Michelle, my name is Jane Stirling and I live in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England (where they film Last of the Summer Wine). I would like to volunteer as a member of the 2010 Running Team. I have a marathon place for 2010 – I have run two marathons, New York 1999 and London 2001, both before I had my son. After undergoing a number of miscarriages and premature ovarian failure, I am now trying to get back into running and to improve on my current marathon best of 4 hours 42 minutes. I became obsessed with Disney after our last holiday in Florida in 2008 and am a member of various Disney forums. We are going to Eurodisney in June and will be back in Florida on 1 January for the marathon. It is a very special marathon for me as I will be celebrating my 40th birthday on 6th January and I can’t think of anywhere I would rather spend it.

  11. Hey guys…I’m so excited about being part of the team. Thanks for this AMAZING opportunity!!

    EOP 🙂

  12. Mr. Scopa,

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ran in my first running event EVER this past January in the WDW Half Marathon.
    In truth I actually have you to thank for this!!!
    December of 2007 through about March of 2008 you wrote a few blogs about your experience in the 2008 WDW Half Marathon. At the time I was right about the 300 pound mark and my weight was really effecting me. I kept saying man I need to lose weight but always found an excuse to say oh I dont have time. Well after reading of your AWESOME success I said to my wife I am going to do this. I immediately paid the registration fee and it became a just do it…or lose $120. Well I trained…I lost 51 pounds and I completed the half marathon in 3:14:37 having never done anything like this in my life. I have since become addicted. One month later I ran a Half Marathon in Birmingham, AL and beat my Disney time by 8 minutes. I have since decided that I am going to run my First full Marathon in DISNEY WORLD in 2010. I listen to you weekly on the WDWTODAY Podcast and am so excited about actually being able to join a team and meeting you and Michelle and all the other people who join this team.