Animal Kingdom – Pwani View Guest House

This next detail isn’t earth-shattering or awe-inspiring. It’s just an example of how many details abound at Walt Disney World if you take the time to look for them.

Located on the backside of Tusker House (near the new entrance), you can see the “Pwani View Guest House.” There are tables in this area and it is a wonderful spot to enjoy a meal alfresco. While dining, you can hear noises coming from the second story balcony. Pots and pans clank as someone is preparing a meal up there.

Pwani View Guest House Animal Kingdom

If you look closely at the hotel name, you can see that there are letters underneath the words Pwani and House. These letters were whitewashed and painted over by the new owners of the establishment when they bought the inn and renamed it. The previous name of this hostelry was “Safari View Guest Lodge.” However, the “I” didn’t need to be whitewashed as it could be reused at the end of Pwani.

Pwani View Guest House Animal Kingdom

Now this is a nice little bit of detailing, but by itself, isn’t worth note. But there is more.

If you check out the seating area for the Dawa Bar, you’ll find there is a sign attached to the structure advertising the inn.

Pwani View Guest House Animal Kingdom

If you study it carefully, you can see that the wood had been carved out where it once said Safari and Lodge and replaced with Pwani and House.

Pwani View Guest House Animal Kingdom

It seems the new owners didn’t want any confusion when they renamed their establishment.

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13 Replies to “Animal Kingdom – Pwani View Guest House”

  1. Very nice collection of information on that question. Thanks to the author. I have been looking for such an article since January! Thank you again!

  2. I’d love to hear more of the story of Tusker House and the “town” of Harambe. My husband and I were married in Tamu Tamu courtyard this year and we held our reception in Tusker House. As we keep learning details, like how Tamu Tamu translates to very sweet, we love the location even more!

  3. Before Tusker House became a table service restaurant, we used to grab our breakfast and sit in the back. It was never crowded. Listening to the “person” upstairs preparing a meal is so fun. Its one of my favorite spots in DAK. And I completely agree with the poster who said that the details are why they keep coming back to WDW. Its exactly the same reason I keep returning. Everywhere you go, the attention to detail is thorough that you feel completely immersed in the experience which has been created.

  4. That is one of my favorite spots to hide from the crowds at AK. I have heard the sounds from the balcony, a great touch! The signage detail is awesome, never noticed that. Last year there was a bird’s nest near the bar in a rafter, with baby birds in it! That’s a detail Disney can’t compare to.

  5. This is exactly why I go back to WDW again and again and why others who do not appreciate all of this ask me why I go back 5 times a year!! Thanks for the photos and keep them coming!

  6. Thanks for the info! We always loved to sit back there and eat our food from Tusker House. If I’m remembering correctly you could also hear a mother singing to her baby – but that may be somewhere else.

  7. Also in this area, as you walk around behind the Dawa Bar there’s a wall separating the walkway from the outdoor seating area. There’s something in Swahili painted on the wall rather prominently.
    On my last trip, I took a photo of it and asked my Kenyan co-worker to translate. It roughly translates to “You are not allowed to tie up animals along this wall”

  8. I looked for this yesterday but I couldn’t find it! I’m looking again on Thursday! This is one of the cleverest bits of imagineering I’ve ever heard of.

  9. Wow! There are so many details at DAK that I am often on sensory overload. Thanks for pointing out these signs. They’re proof that the designers not only thought through small details, but also had fun with it!