Focus on Disney World – Introducing Barrie

Barrie Brewer

Hi everyone! My name is Barrie and I am a big Disney World fan. As a child I received a book about Disneyland from an aunt in California. It was a photo book of all the rides and attractions with small descriptions of each. I’m sure you’ve seen similar books for sale in the parks. I used to spend hours looking at that book and dream about being able to hang out in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house and ride on the monorail. But I lived in Ohio and California was a long way away. There wasn’t much chance of me going there.

Disney World opened in Florida when I was in my twenties but by then I was, of course, way too cool for Disney. I was so cool in fact that I decided to move to Oregon to become one with nature. A few years later my mother moved to Florida, only two hours from Orlando. Oh my gosh, I could barely contain my excitement. I guess I wasn’t so cool after all! That was about 17 or so years ago and since then I have lost count of how many times I have been a guest of the Mouse.

In the past few years I’ve become a bit of a photography buff as well. I’ve always been interested in photography. Now that I think of it, it’s probably because of that book! Until recently I couldn’t really afford it as a hobby though – it just cost too much to develop roll after roll of my not-so-great photos!

But once digital cameras came onto the scene I was bit by the photography bug. I started out with a cheap little 1.5 megapixel point and shoot camera. A little over a year ago I graduated to a Nikon D50, my first real dslr camera. Disney World is absolutely my favorite place to take pictures and when I am there I am rarely without my camera to my eye. I still consider myself a novice and as I learn more I like to share what I’ve learned with other Disney World fans. That’s why I’m so excited that Deb asked me to join the AllEars® team of bloggers.

I hope you’ll enjoy my view of Disney World. Along with sharing some of the Disney World photos I’ve taken, I plan to offer up some tips for taking great photos on your next trip. I will also share a few resources and fun photo projects I’ve discovered. We may even play some photo games. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got comments or suggestions – just use the feedback form. And as I close this introduction I’d like to offer my gratitude to Deb for the opportunity to connect with you all – thanks again Deb, this is going to be fun!

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