Focus on Disney World – Donde esta Donald?

Donald Duck
Copyright © 2007 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D50/18-200VR, 1/200s shutter, f4.9

Say hi to Donald Duck, star of the new Mexico attraction “Gran Fiesta”. This was taken outside of the Mexico pavilion at Epcot where Donald was doing a meet and greet with park guests. In between posing with children Donald turned and gave me a quick wave. I was so glad I already had my camera focused on him.

Captain HookQuick Tip: When taking photos of characters, be sure to get some close-up shots. Try to fill the bulk of your frame with the character’s face. Be careful with your zoom though. It’s easy to lose important detail if you get too close.

This picture of Captain Hook would have been much better if I had gotten his hook in the picture. The photo of Donald works because I got some of his sombrero and colorful tunic in the frame to give context to the shot. When in doubt, take your shot at a slightly longer distance. You can always crop it tighter later.

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