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You may know me as the webmaster of the Disney Planning Strategy Calculator for Disney Reservations. What you don’t know about me is I’ve been an avid photographer since I received my first Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera at the age of 16. I’ve burned up a lot of rolls of film, took a correspondence photography course and read many books and articles since then. With the technological breakthrough of digital photography, the hobby of photography has taken a huge leap and me with it. A couple of years ago, I purchased my first digital SLR camera, a Nikon D70. I can say I have learned more with this camera then all the film based ones I’ve used over the last 30 years.

I would like to thank Deb Wills for inviting me to contribute to the Picture This! photography blog here on AllEars. I will be giving you my views, examples, and ideas for taking photographs at Walt Disney World. I have recorded thousands of images at Walt Disney World over the last 24 years. Some great and some not so great. I hope my experiences can help you to improve your photographs at home and on your Disney vacations.

While at times I will be writing about specific pieces of equipment, most of the articles will cover intermediate to advanced photography concepts and techniques relevant to both Point and Shoot (P&S) and digital SLR cameras. As a starter, you can improve your pictures today by taking the time to get more familiar with your digital camera by reading through it’s manual. Have your camera with you as you learn about all the different settings, menus and picture review capabilities. I was surprised at all the different things I could do with my camera by just changing a setting or menu option. I think you will too.

For me, digital photography brought back the fun of photography. I will be sharing the fun with you here.

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Scott's "Photographic Innoventions" blog focuses on intermediate to advanced photography concepts and techniques relevant for Point and Shoot and Digital SLR cameras.

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