Newbie and the Geek Take Magic Kingdom

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Last Wednesday I wrote about our experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Magic Kingdom was going to be the one that would strike comparisons against Disneyland. It happens to me on every visit so I knew it would undoubtedly do the same to Yoli. While other people trump one park over the other, Yoli said it … Continue reading "Newbie and the Geek Take Magic Kingdom"
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More Fun with Disneyland Resort Characters and Hidden Mickeys

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Ron W. wrote me about an interesting Hidden Mickey image in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in the Grizzly Peak section of California Adventure. Climb up stairs to the Mt. Whitney Lookout and check out the phonetic spelling alphabet (also known as the NATO phonetic alphabet and more accurately as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet) … Continue reading "More Fun with Disneyland Resort Characters and Hidden Mickeys"
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Autumn Hidden Mickeys Tour

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I joined up with some great folks for a Hidden Mickeys tour in the Magic Kingdom. They bid on the tour this summer at Lou Mongello’s auction for the Dream Team Project (at Fred Block’s MagicMeets). The Mulfingers brought along a few fellow Hidden Mickey hunters, and we met up near Goofy’s statue in Town … Continue reading "Autumn Hidden Mickeys Tour"