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Enchanted Rose


Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 10/07/2020

Rating: (6)

The outdoor seating was very comfortable. Service was very good. The drinks are very expensive. Limited menu. It’s a one time visit to say you went.




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Reviewed by Jazzfool20 Review Date: 03/31/2020

Rating: (3)
Not Recommended

I am rather surprised to see the ability to review this new bar, whereas there was none to review it's predicessor Mizner's, but oh well. This bar is another indication of the sad direction Disney is moving in, catering too much to the flavor of the month, and trying to fix what was never broken to begin with. The only good thing I can say was the the quality of the drinks was just as good, otherwise this place stinks compared to Mizner's. What remains of the Mizner's staff is excellent, though others were let go, or chose not to move. The prices are OUTRAGEOUS, even for Disney, with most of the drinks in the 20$ - 25$ range. The layout is awkward, with the main bar area large, but very loud, as there's nothing to absorb the sound. The other two rooms are cut off and look like afterthoughts. The seating is also lackluster. Gone are the comfy chairs. The worst part is the Orchestra has been moved to the main floor to make room for seating. Sipping a sidecar and listening to the GFSO was a longstanding tradition and a pleasure. Finally the "theme" does not match with the Grand FLoridian. Nothing about Beauty and the Beast says "old Florida," whereas Mizner's was named for early 20th century Florida developer Addison Mizner. Disney needs to get off this kick where everything has to be themed to a movie. A bar of this type belongs at the Art of Animation, NOT The GF. It's nowhere near as good as Mizner's, so unless your staying at the GF, thus making it convienent, I can't recommend it.


good drinks, staff


Everything else!
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Reviewed by LizzyRugne Review Date: 03/23/2020

Rating: (10)

We had such a memorable experience having the table side cocktail


the ambiance is just wonderful 😀 we loved looking at all the details


there were no cons for me. this was an amazing experience that I will always remember
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