Our Worst Fears Realized: A Beloved Snack Is GONE from Magic Kingdom

We’re going to need you to sit down for this next bit of Disney World news.

Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom

Now, we’re used to things going away in Disney World, and it is ALWAYS hard to say goodbye to things like classic rides, restaurants, and entertainment. However, it’s even more difficult when some of our favorite foods get removed from menus, especially when it’s something we think EVERYONE loved. Now, one of our most beloved side items has disappeared from Magic Kingdom.

Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square just might be one of our favorite quick service restaurants in Magic Kingdom. The food choices here are always solid and tasty, plus we love ordering those delicious hushpuppies that everyone else always seems to love. We’ve got some bad news about that, though…

These are…were…so good

The hushpuppies are no longer on the menu at Columbia Harbour House. Now, we thought we’d check this news out ourselves because surely, this CANNOT be true, right? But when we arrived and checked the menus at the restaurant, there was no mention of hushpuppies on the menu. Nothing. Nada.

No hushpuppies on the menu

We spoke with Cast Members who confirmed they were no longer available. Many told us they were surprised because the hushpuppies were so popular here — we’re not the only ones who loved them. Even more surprising is that we learned that they may be gone FOREVER. This may not be temporary, and that’s very upsetting.

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House also went through some other menu changes that could upset some folks. The bread on the Lobster Roll has now changed. Also, the Shrimp Boil is now gone, so our beloved hushpuppies aren’t the only things that have disappeared.

Shrimp Boil

However, Columbia Harbour House does now serve Beer Battered Shrimp, so we guess that’s something. But you can’t get it with hushpuppies so that still makes us incredibly sad.

These things do happen and we see Disney World menus change almost daily, but it still leaves us perplexed when a popular item gets pulled from the menu. We know a lot of folks always ordered those hushpuppies, after all.

Columbia Harbour House

If you do get a hushpuppy craving in Disney World, you can still order them from Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs. There, you can order the Bunch of Puppies are house-made hushpuppies served with pimento cheese and red jalapeño jelly.

Columbia Harbour House Restaurant

Rating: 8.63 / 10 Recommended By: 97%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Quick Service

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What do you think? Will you miss the hushpuppies? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Our Worst Fears Realized: A Beloved Snack Is GONE from Magic Kingdom”

  1. Maybe they could consider moving them to serve at places that will also serve Beignets near Tiana’s??…one can only hope.

  2. Not surprising. Disney will cut to the bone to make a couple more pennies. Hey, at least they make up for it with DEI initiatives!

    1. Kudos on using a story about a menu change to inject some good ol’ fashioned racism and bigotry.