We Bet You’re Not Taking Advantage of This New Disney World Hotel Perk

A few years ago, Disney World started implementing a new digital assistant into their hotel rooms.

Hey, Disney!

This assistant is called Hey, Disney!, and it was a bit controversial when it first started! (People questioned whether or not Disney’s version of the Alexa device was listening to them.) However, the devices ended up being installed in all the hotel rooms, so they can be used no matter what room you’re in. But now, we’ve heard nothing about it — is anyone actually using this service?

We asked our readers on Facebook if they use Hey, Disney!, and we have to admit, the answers surprised us!

Hey Disney in the hotel rooms

A ton of our readers said they DO use Hey, Disney!, and they love it! A lot of our readers who travel with their families said their kids love using the assistant, especially if they’re used to having a smart assistant at home. Specifically, our readers shared their kids loved playing bedtime stories after bathtime, using the fun alarms to wake them up in the mornings, and to hear jokes.

Hey Disney at Art of Animation

Other readers said they love using Hey, Disney! to play Disney music or the Disney soundscapes to get ready for the day, set the mood when they first arrive, or to wind down after a long day in the parks.

Hey, Disney!

However, we did have some readers share that they’re not at all fans of Hey, Disney! and unplug it the moment they step into the room. For many, this is due to privacy concerns, which we understand! You can also mute Hey, Disney! instead of unplugging so it can’t hear you, or you can fully unplug for your peace of mind.

Quincy with Hey Disney

Other readers shared that they’re not concerned with privacy, but they just need the outlet space! Which we also completely get too — there are a lot of people in one hotel room with lots of devices to charge, and not enough outlets!

Wake up with your faves!

If you’re looking for a great way to set the vibe in your room, request more towels, ask about park hours and showtimes, and so much more by just saying a few words out loud, don’t forget about this digital assistant in your room! You’ve paid so much for the room already, you might as well use all the amenities you have at your fingertips! As always, stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney news.

Here’s how to use your Hey, Disney! in your room!

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