8 Painfully Infuriating Disney World Ride Mistakes People Are STILL Making

People are STILL making these Walt Disney World ride mistakes that drive us batty! 

Walt Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World can be overwhelming, and it’s not fair to expect every visitor to know every little thing about all of the resort’s rides. That said, some mistakes almost seem to take EFFORT to make, especially over and over again. These are some of the most infuriating. 

Wearing Hats/Glasses on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

This probably could apply to any of Walt Disney World’s thrill rides, but it seems anecdotally to us to come up often on EPCOT’s Marvel attraction. There’s seemingly often a guest who –despite warnings about removing loose articles — loses a baseball cap or sun glasses while spinning through the cosmos. 


Not Reading Safety Signs

Speaking of not heeding warnings, there are certain guests who ignore the pre-ride safety warnings all-together. Sure, this can sometimes be more annoying than anything else — such as the case of someone ignoring a warning that a ride may be an issue for those prone to motion sickness and then getting sick on the ride — but there are can also be dire consequences if someone with a medical condition skips over learning that a certain ride may be dangerous for their health. 

Watch for warning signs

Eating and Drinking Too Much… or Not Enough

As far as motion sickness goes, it’s definitely not a good idea to gorge on too much food and drink directly before going on a ride, and we’re not just talking about the teacups, either. Even the most gentle-appearing attraction can rattle a full stomach. However, on the other side of the spectrum, it’s also not smart to avoid eating or drinking as a way to try and curb motion sickness. This isn’t wise, as an empty stomach and dehydration can make someone more prone. 

BBQ at Regal Eagle

Always Assuming the Single Rider Line is Faster

While single rider lines — a separate line made up of riders who don’t mind being used to “fill out” ride vehicles made up mostly of other parties — can sometimes be much faster than typical standby queues, that’s not always the case. In fact, at some high profile rides like the currently-under-refurbishment Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, the single rider line can often move at close to the same pace as the normal line. 

Single Rider entrance at Test Track

Flash Photography on Dark Rides

There are few instances of people breaking the immersion of a Disney ride as noticeable as someone using a bright flash to illuminate portions of a dark ride like Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion. We understand the desire to have a photographic memento of the experience, but these dark rides are DARK for a reason, and using a bright flash that exposing behind the scenes elements — and briefly blinds your fellow riders — is not the way to go about it. 

Doom Buggie

Fumbling With Phones 

Whether taking the aforementioned flash photos, filming a POV of the whole ride, or even texting and talking to others, it seems like there’s always someone on a Disney ride fumbling with their phone. Not only is this distracting to their fellow guests, but it can also prove hazardous as the phone can fly from their hand thanks to an unexpected movement, getting lost, broken, or even accidentally striking another rider. Also related, make sure when you do have your phone stored, it’s in a secure pocket and won’t go flying.

Keep your phone tucked away because it WILL get wet on Kali River Rapids

Eating/Drinking on Rides

Even though “No Food or Drink Rules” are often clearly posted, there are some guests who seem to think that slow moving rides are a spot to have a snack. Please, just experience the attraction while eating before or after. Just because you can see Pinocchio’s Village Haus from “it’s a small world” doesn’t mean you need to take the meal with you. 

Guests begin their trip through “it’s a small world” in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. 

Not Taking the Time to Familiarize with Genie+

We know Genie+ and Lightning Lanes can be overwhelming, especially to those who are visiting for the first time since the new systems were put in place. However, it’s a waste for you to pay for the service and not do a tiny bit of research beforehand, if for no other reason than to ensure you’re getting their money’s worth. 

Screenshot from My Disney Experience app

We’ve got a Genie+ video that’s a great place to start this research. You can watch it right here.


These infuriating Disney ride mistakes don’t ONLY affect the guest making them, but also those around them as well. So, in other words, don’t be that person! Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney tips.  

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What’s the most infuriating mistake you’ve ever seen someone make on a Disney ride? Let us know in the comments below. 

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