I Got Hurt at Universal Orlando. Here’s What Happened Next.

It’s all fun and games in the theme parks until someone gets hurt, right? WRONG! Your Universal Studios vacation doesn’t have to stop there!

Universal Studios

We tend to talk a lot about the latest news coming from Universal Studios like their newest lands and latest offers, while also keeping you updated on the construction progress of Universal Orlando’s next HUGE theme park. But, sometimes accidents happen while you’re on vacation, and you might be left with a big question about where to turn to first. I recently had to visit Universal Studio’s first aid over an in-park injury and here’s how my experience went.

Ok, I don’t want to toot my own horn here too much but if there’s a way to be injured, chances are that luck just seems to find me. Usually, injuries manifest themselves in smaller doses like papercuts, bee stings, and the occasional blister when visiting the theme parks, but, little did I know that was about to change drastically.

Universal Orlando Resort

On a recent visit to Universal Studios, I found myself truly in need of some help. If you already know me (or know me through my writing here), you’ve probably picked up that there’s not a whole lot that shakes me (especially as a mom of four kids — we’ve usually seen it all and them some between each and every one of our kid’s different personalities and responses). However, this time I was visiting the parks solo (you know, for a mom’s day out) while the kids were in school, and I had an accident.

Universal crowds

While (apparently not so gracefully) stepping off of a curb onto the street in the New York section, my foot completely missed the step and before I realized what was happening, down I went with both ankles straight to the ground. Let’s go back to what I said before about “not much shakes me”, yeah… embarrassment tops that list… HARD! So when I went down my entire thoughts were swirling around how fast I could stand up and recover with the least embarrassment possible. So that’s exactly what I did… and proceeded to hobble over to the same curb that had just betrayed me. To be fair, it’s not the curb’s fault, totally mine, but it makes me feel better blaming it.

Walking through New York

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks — I knew I had scraped my leg from the burn of the road rash, but to my surprise when I looked down it was a lot worse than I expected. Although it’s totally against my “I can do it and tough it through” nature, that’s when I had to decide to get to Universal Studio’s closest first aid for some help.

In case you’re not familiar with where the closest First Aid station in the park would have been to me and my situation at this point, allow me to be your human map of the park for a moment. The closest station to me then since I was in New York was located in San Franciso near the alleyway where the Beat Builders perform and Fast and the Furious Supercharged’s attraction entrance is located. (For all of you Halloween Horror Nights buffs, this is also the same location that is open during the HHN event should you have a need then, too).

First Aid

If you’re not totally familiar with where this is, here’s where you can find it on the Universal Studios map in the Universal app!


Once I walked in, I was immediately greeted by trained personnel who ushered me around their small waiting area and front desk to their triage station.

Once there, I was asked a series of questions about the sequence of events that led to my injury so they could document the incident in detail, and received top-notch triage and first aid care to clean and bandage my injured leg and foot. They also asked about any nonvisible injuries and the manner in which I fell so they could advise me best on care for when I made it home. My paramedic was very attentive and knowledgeable, and showed me how to redress my injured toe and care for the road rash and sprained elbow before taking some personal information for their documenting purposes.

My goody bag of bandages and gauze wrap for later

Once I was all bandaged up, I felt so relieved that they had made my experience so quick and painless (despite the obvious physical pain I was experiencing). They even offered a complimentary wheelchair for me to use as I made my way around and out of the park the rest of the day.

All better!

While clearly not my proudest theme park memory, I’m glad that my experience with Universal’s first aid when I needed it was a positive one. They’re capable of giving you everything from a bandaid and medicated ointment to truly calling for medical transport if your situation and injury call for it. If you ever find yourself injured in the Universal Studios theme parks and have to visit them, know you’re in capable and professional hands.

It’s not always so heavy around here, though! We’re always keeping up with the latest changes, news, and exciting offers from Universal Studios so be sure to stay tuned with us for all the latest!

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Did you know that Universal offers such an extensive first aid service in their theme parks? Sound off in the comments below!

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One Reply to “I Got Hurt at Universal Orlando. Here’s What Happened Next.”

  1. I’m glad your experience was 100% better than mine! I would have appreciated kindness and to find anyone who would pass me off to the next person or basically tell me they had any ability to help me. It’s nice to read that the park did help someone. Cheers.