Do NOT Break These Critical Halloween Horror Nights Rules at Universal Orlando

We’re here to talk about all things SPOOKY. It might be May, but is it ever really too early to chat about the spookier side of life?

Universal Orlando

As you might already know, Halloween truly begins in August in the theme park world, and that’s only a few months away. So, we’re gearing up EARLY to hear all sorts of Halloween news as well as prepare ourselves for some haunts. One thing we’re particularly excited about is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando.

Universal Studios has been the headquarters for all things terrifying and downright spooky since Halloween Horror Nights started in 1991. After the park closes for regular guests, it is a special ticketed event that transforms into a park filled with nightmares and terrors to scare and delight from Wednesday-Sunday starting at 6:30PM until 2AM.

Throughout the event, there are scare zones and houses where actors let loose to try to scare the livin’ heck out of the visitors. It’s super creepy, and if you love horror — it’s a great experience.

A word of warning: Halloween Horror Nights is an intense event not suitable for all ages, and there are a few RULES (both broadcasted and unspoken) that you’ll need to follow if you’re hoping to attend. We’re here to chat about those rules today!

Don’t go alone!

Listen, if you go alone, that’s just another reason for the scare actors to single you out.

Halloween Horror Nights

Plus, if you bring a partner, you can agree that if either of you get scared, you can hold on to each other. This will make more sense after we talk about the next point.

Don’t touch anyone or anything.

Trust us, we understand that when you’re scared, your initial reaction is to act physically. You sometimes might want to touch/grab/punch a scare actor! Please don’t do this! As creepy/inhuman as they might look in costume, they’re a regular person who is just performing an acting job.

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count

Similarly, you shouldn’t scream at them or sneak up on them. They’re just trying to do their job, once again!

Stranger Things 4

Oh, and don’t touch other people, either. If you go alone, your initial reaction might be to grab whoever is closest to you if you’re scared. That’s a little weird on the receiving end, folks!

Don’t run! You WILL be chased.

If you act scared, the scare actors will feed into it to make it worse.

Emma and Quincy

Screaming, noticeably jumping, and even RUNNING will draw more attention to you and they’ll try even harder to scare you.

Don’t hide. They WILL find you.

Similar to running, we wouldn’t recommend hiding. The scare actors know the zones and houses like the back of their hand, so they’ll know all the most popular hiding spots.

Stranger Things house

They’ll target you and make it even worse!

Keep it movin’, folks!

When visiting houses, make sure that you’re not preventing the line from moving!

Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings

The lines are almost constantly flowing, so when one person holds up the line, the whole process is thrown off kilter. So, if you can avoid pausing as you scream, please do so!

No flash photography!

Similar to the rides and attractions, flash can ruin things by telling the secrets of the room or the area and affect the experience for others.

Megan at Halloween Horror Nights

More importantly, flash photography can be a nuisance to scare actors. Their vision is already sometimes impaired by masks or prosthetics, and the flash can worsen this and make it more difficult for them to play their role.

Be aware of POWER HOUR!

Similar to the lines at rides and attractions, the wait for the houses goes WAY down toward the end of the night.

Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins

When there’s only about an hour left until the park closes, that’s when what we call “Power Hour” takes place. We can power through and cram in one more house before it’s time to go home!

Surge pricing is definitely a thing.

You can buy express passes for the houses, but you’ll probably want to do so in advance. The passes operate on surge pricing, so it can be more expensive to wait.

YETI Campground Kills

If you do choose to wait, there’s an option sold after 11PM at the event, but you’ll have to be inside the park to purchase it. If you’re buying any sort of “extras” for the event, you’ll want to do so in advance!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more news as we have it as well as specifics when those are released. Make sure to follow along so that you never miss a thing!

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