7 Non-Negotiable Souvenirs You Need For Your Disney World Trip

Have you thought about everything going into your suitcase for the trip to Disney World?


We know you’re swamped with all the double and triple-checking of the reservations for the flights, hotels, and restaurants. We want to jump right to it and help you plan out what essentials you’ll bring with you. To that end, here’s a list of non-negotiables that you need for your Disney World trip! Let’s go!

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With these looks, it’s all about getting something simple for the whole squad — especially if you’re planning to match in the parks.

First up, have a look at these Fuel Rods.

Don’t forget a portable charger!

Listen, your phone is going to be glued to you throughout the trip, and it’s going to be burning through the battery. It’s best to have a couple of these in the bag just in case you get stuck and you’re away from a wall charger. Also, since Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, it’s best to have some with you in case you lose power and need to be able to communicate with people outside of Disney World.


Next up, have a look at these Reusable Rain Ponchos for Adults.

Welcome to EPCOT!

Since Disney World is in Florida, one thing you’re going to have to contend with is the daily rain showers during the rainy season (which honestly feels like most of the year since Florida is in the tropics). We love rocking our reusable ponchos. They come in clutch for those short afternoon showers. The best part about them is that they can pack down really small and even fit in our belt bags with space to spare! You might as well go ahead and put a couple in the bag.


Next up, check out this Loungefly Disney Rapunzel Tangled Stained Glass Mini Backpack.


One thing you’re definitely going to need when you’re at Disney World is a good mini backpack because you really only want to have the essentials with you when you’re at the parks (no need to weigh yourself down with unnecessary things). Also, if you’re a Rapunzel fan, this could be the perfect bag for you!


Next up, you need to check out this Portable Neck Fan.

Portable Neck Fan

Opting for your own personal neck fan is absolutely the move to make! Florida’s hot and you need to stay cool. Depending on the fan speed you use, you could get all the way up to 16 hours of cooling, which will be perfect for the festival.


Next, have a look at this Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick


One of the other things you have to come prepared to fight against is chaffing in all this heat and humidity. We find that an anti-friction chafe stick like this one really works wonders. We’d definitely recommend keeping it in your park bag. It’ll come in handy!


Next, have a look at this MultiCharger for MagicBand+.

MagicBand Charger

As we mentioned earlier, you’re going to burn through a TON of power on your devices while at Disney World. That goes double for your phone since you have to do everything on it (making your reservations, buying food, navigating, and of course all the photos and videos you’ll take). We find having a multicharger like this one makes life so simple. We can charge our phone and 3 MagicBand+s all at the same time. How can you beat that?


Last up, have a look at this Owala Water Bottle.

It’s a great water bottle!

Would you like to save a TON of money and stay hydrated at the same time? Here’s the trick — don’t buy a pack of water bottles when you go to Disney World. Instead, you need to come with a reusable bottle like this one. We love this water bottle (in fact, it’s Quincy’s favorite), and since there are filling stations all throughout the park, you’re going to stay hydrated and save a few bucks on having to buy water every time you need it.


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