The ONLY Thing You Need To Get from Disney World’s Lowest-Rated Restaurants on Yelp

Disney World has HUNDREDS of restaurants all across their property, which means it can be hard to choose where to eat.

Backlot Express

However, not all of the restaurants are created equal, and there are some our readers really despise (and some that we agree with, we won’t lie). We checked the Yelp reviews for some of the lowest-rated Disney World restaurants, and at some of them, we’ll argue there’s ONE good dish at you should try!

Nine Dragons Restaurant

While you’re walking around the World Showcase in EPCOT, you’ll notice this table service spot in the China Pavilion. It ranks 3.1/5 stars with 461 reviews with many reviewers saying it’s not bad, but it’s just basic Americanized Chinese food. It can offer a great view of the fireworks, though, if you’re seated by a window!

Nine Dragons restaurant

If you do find yourself here, we do recommend the Spicy Mala Beef if you’re someone who’s looking for some genuine spice (it’s not Disney (mild) spice — it’s actual spice!).

Backlot Express

Like our previous entry, Backlot Express isn’t a bad choice when you’re in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s got 3.4/5 stars on Yelp. It’s just pretty basic, which can be great if that’s what you’re looking for. However, exciting items on the menu are not its strong suit.

Wookiee Cookie

We do however strongly recommend grabbing dessert here with the Wookiee Cookie! These are two soft oatmeal cookies with buttercream in between them — simple but delicious.

Check out our review of the Wookiee Cookie here!

Fairfax Fare

We’ve actually been pretty impressed with Fairfax Fare most recent times we’ve stopped by in Hollywood Studios, but it also has a 3.4/5 star review on Yelp. Is it outstanding? No, but it gets the job (lunch) done!

Buffalo Chicken Bowl

However, for those who enjoy spice and want something filling, we would recommend the Buffalo Chicken Bowl here! This is Chicken Breast Nuggets tossed in Buffalo Sauce and topped with Coleslaw served on Mashed Potatoes in a Waffle Bowl. Again — simple but delicious!


WE KNOW you’re probably a little surprised we’re telling you there’s something redeemable here, but there is! This Hollywood Studios spot (yeah, DHS isn’t really known for their food…) has 3.5/5 stars on Yelp mostly just for the fact that there IS lots of better pizza on property, but there’s something you shouldn’t overlook here.

Meatball Sub

There’s a Meatball Sub at PizzeRizzo that we’re genuinely pretty impressed by! It’s filling, the meatballs are a good size and well-seasoned, and the bun has a bit of a toasted crunch to it, which we love. Give it a try!

Check out the OTHER must-have at PizzeRizzo!

Overall, it’s completely up to you where you’d like to eat while you’re in Disney World, but don’t overlook these gems at commonly hated-on spots. Are they the greatest? No, not at all, but they do have redeeming qualities, and that’s important to focus on! Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news, tips, and tricks.

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