7 Things Disney World Hotel Bathrooms Urgently Need

Disney World hotel rooms can be so magical!

Polynesian Village Room

There is nothing like walking into your Disney World hotel for the first time — the bed is made, the welcome message is on the TV, everything is clean and staged so neatly, and you are ready to start your vacation. But, there are some things that we think could use a bit of an upgrade in Disney World hotel bathrooms.

Let’s face it, Disney World is magical, but after a long day conquering parks and battling crowds, sometimes it feels like the magic doesn’t quite extend to the hotel bathroom. Here are some things Disney World hotel bathrooms urgently need to take your stay from good to great.

We’re going to rapid-fire these. Let’s go!

  • Better Toilet Paper and Tissues: There’s nothing magical about rough toilet paper. Guests deserve a soft and luxurious experience, even in the bathroom. The same goes for the tissues. A gentler touch is always appreciated!
H2O Products
  • More Counter Space: Sometimes spreading out your makeup bag and toiletries can feel like a game of Tetris in some bathrooms. If Disney could offer more counter space, that would be a welcome change for getting ready in the morning.
  • Nightlight: Not all Disney World hotel rooms come with a nightlight, and navigating a dark bathroom after a long day of fun can be tricky. A universal nightlight can make those late-night trips to the bathroom a lot less fumbling in the dark.
  • Hamper with a Replaceable Bag: If we could get a dedicated hamper with a liner for dirty clothes, that would help keep things tidy and prevent any unwanted contact with previous guests’ laundry. It would also allow us to ditch the “throw it on the floor” routine.
  • Improved Bathmat situation: The current towel-like bathmat just isn’t cutting it. We need a more absorbent and secure bathmat to prevent those post-shower slips and slides and eliminate the need to use a regular towel.
Toilet and shower
  • A Shelving Solution: Having a shelf in the bathroom for your clothes after a shower would be a game-changer. This would be key to having no more wet floor clothes or precariously balanced things on the towel rack.
  • Leg Shelf in the Shower: A built-in leg shaving self in the shower would be a lifesaver, especially for those with long legs.
A Disney World bathroom

Those are just a couple of the changes we’d love to see Disney World add to their hotel bathrooms ASAP! What do you think is missing?  Stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney World news and tips!

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What upgrades do you think Disney World needs to make to their hotels? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Replies to “7 Things Disney World Hotel Bathrooms Urgently Need”

  1. Hooks…enabling guests a place to hang clean clothes for after shower…as well as drying towels for re-use.

  2. More hooks to hang up wet towels please! We want to be eco-friendly and use shower towels more than once, but if you don’t have anywhere to hang them, they won’t dry. Also, all hotel rooms need towel bars to hang up hand towels and keep them off the counter.

  3. I agree with all of them, also I dislike the bottles in the shower as I don’t think they are sealed properly.

  4. I LOVE this article. For years now I have been ordering my own toilet paper and Kleenex and having them delivered to my resort. My last trip I brought a nightlight for the bathroom. Spot on with all topics.