I Am 96.4% Certain You’ve Never Heard These Disney World Tips Before

We talk about Disney tips all the time because we know you need them to make your upcoming Disney World trip even better.


But sometimes those tips get a little repetitive. I get it — for those of you who have read our posts for months or years, you may get a little frustrated that you’re hearing the same tips again, but there’s always someone reading it for the first time! However, I gathered our team together and asked them for their Disney World tips they’ve NEVER told to ANYONE, and I think we have some tips you haven’t heard before!

Take Shorter Trips

Starting off with a hot one, one of our writers suggested taking shorter trips for a multitude of reasons! For one, they’re much cheaper, which means you may be able to afford to go every year, or more often than if you’re going a week at a time.

Crowds in Disney World

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN do everything you’d like to in the parks in 2 days by skipping attractions/parks you’re not interested in, and splurging on Genie+. The key here is that if you’re taking shorter, more frequent trips, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING each time!

Eat Breakfast Heading To The Parks

One of our editors lives around 75 minutes away from Disney World and chooses to do day trips. Her biggest tip was to eat breakfast before getting to the park!

We do love Gaston’s Tavern Cinnamon Roll though!

For one, it’s going to be (likely) much cheaper than dining inside Disney World. If you’re staying on property or nearby, you can stock up on groceries ahead of time and eat in your hotel room/on the road (safely!), or if you’re driving to the parks, you can stop by a fast food restaurant and grab yourself a hearty breakfast for a lower cost, and then you can immediately hit attractions when you get into the parks!

Free Transportation at Disney Springs Hotels is A NO

Time is (almost) everything in Disney World, which is why this tip from one of our editors is so important — if you’re staying at a Disney Springs area hotel (many are Good Neighbor Hotels), DO NOT USE the free transportation to the parks.

Drury Inn near Disney Springs

Why? Because the time you’ll waste using it isn’t worth the no-cost. Instead, our editor says it’s worth the money to call an Uber and get where you’re going. Yes, you’re paying money, but it’s fast, efficient, and you’ll have the ride all to yourself.

Ride Sharing From Magic Kingdom is ALSO a No

If you’re at park close and you’re looking to grab an Uber or other rideshare back from Magic Kingdom, we highly recommend not asking your rideshare to pick you up at Magic Kingdom — there’s a better option!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Instead, walk 10 minutes to the Contemporary Resort right next door and order a rideshare there! You’ll be waiting MUCH less time for one (since many people are ordering them from Magic Kingdom), and even though you’ve walked 10 minutes, it’ll potentially save you 20-25 minutes of waiting.

Pack a Bathing Suit (and Plastic Bag) in Your Purse/Bag

In 2025, there’s a new Disney hotel perk being added to select packages, but this tip can be used now too — pack a bathing suit in your purse or park bag!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

The new hotel perk coming in 2025 will provide free water park admission to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach (whichever is open at the time) on your check-in day. If you’ve got your suit in your bag, you can drop your bag off at bell services if your room isn’t ready yet, change in the bathroom, and hit the water park (or pool) ASAP!

Get Dinner And A Fireworks Show OUTSIDE of The Park

Watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks can be super magical, but those crowds that you find on Main Street? Not so much. That’s why one of my amazing coworkers recommended grabbing pizza from Playa Pizza on Reams Road to watch the show.

Happily Ever After

Playa Pizza has outdoor seating (typically with no wait) and it’s right across the street from Magic Kingdom Cast Member Parking. So as long as you don’t care about seeing the projections on the castle or hearing the music super well, grab some good pizza and settle in with no crowds.

Don’t Have A Resort Refillable Mug? No Problem!

This next tip comes from that some coworker, and it blew my mind. If you’re resort hopping around Disney World and don’t have a resort refillable mug, DO NOT throw away your cup from your drink yet! 

Everything Pop!

Take it with you to your next resort and refill it there. These cups have chips in them (like the refillable resort mugs do) and are set for 3 refills in 3 hours. That’s two free drinks!!

There Are More Options At California Grill Than You Think

California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a popular table service prix-fixe meal that costs $89 per adult and $39 per child. But what if none of the entrees appeal to you?

Goat Cheese Ravioli

No worries — you can substitute your entree for another round of an appetizer that you really enjoyed! This is also great for people who really don’t have that big of an appetite since entrees are usually larger portions (and if you’re like me, you’ve already filled up on bread, so…there’s that).

You CAN Get Work Done/Be On Meetings At The Hotels

Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of quiet places around Disney World, specifically the hotels, where you can get some work done, or be on a Zoom/Google Meet call if need be.

California Grill

Now, you may be asking “why would I be working while I’m in Disney World?” Please now imagine almost every single member of our team raising their hands. But we know that many of you may be on vacation but still need to be on that weekly meeting, or file a report you just couldn’t get done before your flight. Some of my coworkers’ favorite spots are the Coronado Springs Convention area, the couches outside California Grill check-in at the Contemporary Resort, and at the work tables near Chill in the Swan. Me personally? I choose to go into One Man’s Dream. Is it quiet? Not really, so it’s not ideal for calls, but it is air conditioned heavily and it inspires me to no end, which is perfect for work.

Happily Ever After

So how’d we do? Are these tips you hadn’t heard before? We’ve got more where that came from too, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars!

Here’s how to best plan your 2024 Disney World trip!

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2 Replies to “I Am 96.4% Certain You’ve Never Heard These Disney World Tips Before”

  1. Does that mean the regular cups can get refilled up to 3 times in 3 hours at your own resort or any other resort? Good to know!

  2. i dont completely agree with the first tip. we loose a day on either end of the trip to travel time. maybe 12 days is overkill but that us what we had left in our use year, yes i could have made it two separate trips, but then i double the travel time and costs. my wife wants to do shorter trips but i cant get her to plan for two or more trips per year? too many points?