DESSERT ALERT! Beignets Are Sticking Around in Magic Kingdom For a LITTLE LONGER

Disney World has just been a smorgasbord of new treats lately, and we’re not complaining.

Who doesn’t love a yummy treat?

There were all the treats for Valentine’s Day, the treats for Black History Month, and now we’re looking ahead to springtime treats for Easter and even Women’s History Month! We got the nitty gritty on all the snacks coming to Disney World to celebrate all the wonderful and iconic women we look up to when we noticed something that made all the other exclusive treats PALE in comparison.

Tiana’s Famous Beignets are STAYING in Magic Kingdom for another month. YES. WE ARE SERIOUS.

Tiana’s Famous Beignets

These croissant-style beignets debuted in Magic Kingdom at Golden Oak Outpost in honor of Black History Month. They’re bite-sized pieces that have the perfect amount of powdered sugar on top — but that’s not even the best part about these beauties.

Tiana’s Famous Beignets

The BEST part is the strawberry dipping sauce that comes on the side. Our reporters actually said they’d get this snack again and again just for the sauce. It reminds us a LOT of the strawberry soup that you could get at 1900 Park Fare back in the day. (Oh wait! 1900 Park Fare is reopening in April and is bringing strawberry soup back with it!)

Click here for more on 1900 Park Fare’s reopening

Anyway, back to the beignets. These bad boys were set to disappear at the end of February, but in Disney’s announcement of all the Women’s History Month snacks, these were noted to remain until March 31st.

Dip them in that sauce!

YES. One more glorious month of having beignets in Magic Kingdom. We’re honestly hoping they stick around for good, which could be possible considering the fact that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is opening at Disney World this summer –basically right next to Golden Oak Outpost!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

We’re so excited that these bad boys are sticking around for another month. We’re at Disney World every single day (yes, really) and we’ll keep an eye out for more news and updates. Stay tuned here at AE so that you never miss a thing and are always in the loop.

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One Reply to “DESSERT ALERT! Beignets Are Sticking Around in Magic Kingdom For a LITTLE LONGER”

  1. It would make sense to keep the snack cart beignets available at all times. After all, if the Tiana ride queue is going to have beignet aromas wafting in, there should be a place to satisfy the guests’ beignets cravings that this aroma is sure to induce.