Why You Should Skip the Highest-Rated Restaurant in Disney World

Brace yourself. What we’re about to say about Disney World restaurants may shock you beyond belief. But before you get too worked up, hear us out.

Skipper Canteen has one of the BEST secret menus

You can look to the internet for answers to just about any and every question out there. Is it normal to drink three cups of coffee per day? What’s the best way to get nacho cheese dip stains off a white shirt? Should I go to Disney World or Disneyland? You get the idea. One of our favorite things to Google is restaurant reviews. We wanna know what people think before we go spending all that money on a meal! But even the highest-rated restaurants have some disadvantages. Let’s talk about it.

Obviously, there are TONS of places to look for Disney World restaurant reviews. We may be a little biased here, but we recommend checking out the AllEars dining reviews written by fellow Disney fans and theme park enthusiasts (AKA our AllEars readers!).

Crystal Palace

On the other hand, many people look to the old classics, like Yelp, for dining advice. Now, all this restaurant talk had us wondering: which Disney World restaurants are rated the HIGHEST online? And, more importantly, do we agree?

Via Napoli

According to Yelp, one of the highest-rated Disney World restaurants actually lives outside the four Disney parks. It’s Homecomin’, which is located in Disney Springs! Check it out — Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ has a 4.4-star average based on over 2,700 reviews!


AllEars readers seem to love Homecomin’, too! It’s got an impressive 8.76/10 on our website.

Homecomin' Restaurant

Rating: 8.76 / 10 Recommended By: 86%
Menus: Children's Lunch/Dinner, Lunch/Dinner, Brunch
Services: Table Service

OK, now comes the hard part. We have to talk about why, despite those stellar ratings, you might want to skip this restaurant. First of all, it is VERY tricky to secure a dining reservation here. Like, you have to have an alarm set and be prepared to grab a reservation as soon as possible. It’s not easy. That said, we’ve given this restaurant rave reviews in the past. We’re not denying that the food is amazing.


But, if you and your family are only in Disney World for a limited time, we don’t recommend spending your time at Disney Springs. Why? You’ve got better things to see and do inside the parks — especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Does this scream “FUN” for kids?

Sure, a trip to Disney Springs is great for date night, but most kids would rather go on rides, watch a parade, see the fireworks, or meet Mickey. You can go shopping anywhere! If you’ve got a short trip, stick to the parks. You paid for those park tickets, anyway.

Disney Springs

If you or someone in your party is on a plant-based diet, this might not be the best place to go. Yes, there are some salads and such on the menu, but really, this place is known for its fried chicken.

Look at all that food!

At the end of the day, we’re not going to sit here and tell you not to eat at Homecomin’. It’s a fabulous restaurant that is well worth the hype. But between the location, the lack of available dining reservations, and the menu, this might not be the right choice for everyone.

Emma at Homecomin’

OK, what are your thoughts? Do you make a special trip to Disney Springs just for some of that famous fried chicken? Let us know! In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

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Have you ever dined at Homecomin’? Let us know in the comments!

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