Two of the Most Expensive Roller Coasters EVER Are at Disney World

There are a few different thrill rides throughout Disney World, and some of them are rollercoasters.

The Thrill Duo of Hollywood Studios

We’ve got lists of all of the more intense rides at Disney World to help you plan your trip, and sometimes these rides are more suitable for adults than kids (but it depends on the kid!). But have you ever wondered what the most expensive thrill ride at Disney World is? Now we have that answer!

Disney World has been home to one of the most expensive coasters since 2006 when Expedition Everest reopened. Now that title belongs to another coaster!

Expedition Everest

Let’s dig into Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Expedition Everest

This was the most expensive roller coaster in Disney World and the world from 2006 to 2019, but now it’s been bumped down. So what makes this roller coaster so expensive? Well, it cost $100 million to build, and part of that expense was the Yeti, which now does not move how it was built to.

Disco Yeti!

Shortly after the ride opened, the frame holding the moving Yeti split, which threatened the structure of the whole building. So the Yeti went from A mode to B mode (aka Disco Yeti), which is where the Yeti doesn’t move, but the lights around it make it seem like it is (don’t worry, it’s still plenty scary!).

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

So what’s the new most expensive roller coaster in the world? The new top spot goes to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind located in EPCOT.

Cosmic Rewind

According to Bloomberg, this ride cost a whopping $500 MILLION to build! You can really see where the money went the moment you walk into the building because the theming is everywhere.

Cosmic Rewind

Not to mention the ride itself is so smooth and features some amazing technology that’s expensive in itself to bring to life. Also, since the ride is based on existing IP, Disney had to hire the actors to record the pre-show and ride segments, which costs a chunk of money given how popular the actors are.

Cosmic Rewind Loading area

Does this surprise you? If you’ve gotten to ride Cosmic Rewind already, be sure to tell us about it on our review page!

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