The Rarest Souvenirs in Disney World

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by just how many souvenirs there are to choose from in Disney World.

So much to choose from!

You can get mugs, ears, clothing, purses, backpacks, toys, keychains…the list goes on and on! But if your souvenir budget is limited and you’re wondering exactly what items to prioritize during your vacation, there are a few categories of souvenirs that can end up being very rare — which means it won’t be so easy to get them later.

There’s nothing worse than coming home from Disney World with regrets about the souvenirs you DIDN’T buy. While you can sometimes get the same items on shopDisney or by visiting online marketplaces and resale sites, it’s not always easy — especially with these rare souvenirs!

Festival Merchandise

EPCOT festival merchandise may be pretty easy to find during the festival but once that festival is done — you’ll have a hard time finding the same items again. In fact, one of our team members recently broke a wine glass from a past EPCOT festival but sadly could not find a replacement anywhere.

Food & Wine Festival merchandise

If your trip occurs during an EPCOT festival and you’ve got your eye on an item or two, don’t wait to purchase it! While we’ve also seen some festival items released online, it’s not always the case, so you might want to check before walking away from that souvenir.

Check out the 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Holidays merchandise here!

Holiday Merchandise

Holiday merchandise can eventually become quite rare! Every year, Disney typically releases all kinds of new holiday merchandise, which means it’s not just the same old pair of ears released every year. So if you passed on that adorable pair of Halloween ears you really wanted in 2018, you might have a hard time finding them again.

Holiday Merchandise

Sometimes you might get lucky and find a recent holiday’s merchandise on sale online, but in general, once it sells out — it’s sold out, and you probably won’t see it again sold by Disney.

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Event Merchandise

Event merchandise can be VERY limited! We’re talking about events like Disney World’s 50th anniversary, or after-hours events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Remember the Cinderella Castle Spirit Jersey released for the 50th anniversary? It sold out FAST, and we haven’t seen it return in some time.

50th Anniversary Merchandise

After-hours events require a separate admission ticket, which means only ticketholders have the option to purchase event-exclusive souvenirs. This can make it really difficult to track down merchandise if you didn’t attend the event, so keep that in mind!

Read all about Disney World’s 50th anniversary merchandise here!

Limited Edition Merchandise

And if you’re considering a souvenir item but aren’t sure whether to actually purchase it, pay attention to the packaging. Some items are limited edition, like this Pandora MagicBand, with only 1,740 MagicBands in total available.

Pandora MagicBand

These limited edition souvenirs aren’t typically around for very long, so this isn’t the type of souvenir to walk away from if you really love it. So if that popcorn bucket is calling to you, make sure you grab it!

See more limited-edition Disney World merchandise here!

So next time you’re in Disney World and you’re trying to decide whether you should buy the souvenir NOW or think about it, remember this list! If it’s in one of these categories, you probably won’t find it on your next trip, so you might want to go ahead and buy it.

So many plushes!

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Have you ever regretted skipping a souvenir in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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