Disney Just Released 5 NEW Pairs of Holiday Ears!

It’s officially the holiday season now, and Disney is celebrating!

The snow is on the castle already!

We’ve seen decorations, merchandise, and more in the parks, and pretty soon, there will also be some holiday parties to check out. But, we just spotted some NEW ears in Disneyland that have arrived for the holidays, come with us to take a look!

Now available in the Emporium in Disneyland Park is quite the selection of new ears! First up, we have these Mickey Mouse Santa Claus Ears, on which Mickey is wearing a classic Santa hat. These ears are $34.99.

Santa Hat Mickey Ears

We also found these Green Velvet Minnie Ears! The ears are made with green velvet and trimmed in tiny white pom poms…

…and the bow is made of sparkly red sequins with a giant white pom pom in the middle. Get them for $34.99!

Green Velvet Ears

If you want to feel super cozy this holiday season, check out these Plaid Mickey Mouse Ears! These ears don’t have a bow and the band is trimmed in sherpa. They cost $34.99.

Plaid Ears

These Mickey Mouse Plaid Cap Ears come with a plaid and sherpa hat in place of a bow on a classic Mickey ear headband. You can get them for $34.99.

Plaid Cap Ears

We also got a look at those Holiday Toy Story Ears in person. They’re…interesting, to say the least. We’ve got Hamm on one ornament-shaped ear and Bo Peep’s sheep on the other ear. The bow is made with green, red, and purple stripes and there’s a present in the middle.

‘Toy Story’ Ears

The back of each ear has an ornament design! Get this pair for $34.99.

Back of the ‘Toy Story’ Ears

There were also these Piglet Pink Pink Ears! They cost $34.99 in Disneyland but you can also get them online for $29.99!

Piglet Pink Ears

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