Have You Broken Any of These Six Unspoken Disneyland Rules?

If you’ve been to both Disney Parks, you’ve probably realized things are a little different on the west coast!

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Disney World has a lot more out-of-towners than Disneyland, which relies heavily on local Park-goers. Because of this, the Parks of Disneyland Resort operate a little differently than Walt Disney World.

Here are six unspoken rules you might’ve broken at Disneyland Resort.

1. Kicked Your Flip Flops Off  On Soarin’

At EPCOT’s Soarin’ Around the World, it is totally cool to leave your flips flops on the floor before take-off. But we’ve noticed the same can’t be said for Soarin’ at Disney California Adventure. When we did this one time, we got some funny looks from other guests — and we’ve never tried it since!

Soarin’ Over California

2. Dressed Like a Tourist

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is sticking out like a sore thumb! Disneyland has a much more laid-back tone, and guests tend to dress more fashionably. You’ll see many ladies wearing dresses and more “everyday” clothes with their Disney accessories.

Minnie Mouse

Don’t get us wrong — comfortable clothing is still SUPER-important, and you don’t want to change your style just to fit in. But you might notice a difference in style when you walk right down the middle of Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A..

3. Not Prepared For the Heat

California has a VERY different climate than Florida, but it can be just as hot! And since Disneyland is an older, smaller Park, most of its queues are outdoor. (Disney World is the KING when it comes to air-conditioned places to cool off — a luxury you won’t find throughout Disneyland!)

Tropical Hideaway

If you’re going in the summer or early fall, you can expect Disneyland to be scalding hot during the day. Anaheim isn’t as muggy as Orlando, but that dry heat can still be tough to handle. Stay hydrated just like you do in Florida, and take breaks when you need them.

4. Not Planned Your Trip

Many people think because the Parks of Disneyland are more doable in a day, a trip to Disneyland doesn’t require as much forethought. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth!

Disney California Adventure

A trip to Disneyland has its own unique quirks and challenges — none of which you’ll know unless you do a little digging first. We’ve overheard some guests asking Cast Members where should they pick up their MagicBands (although Disneyland Resort IS getting MagicBand+ in the future!) or how to get to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! We’re sure Cast Members get asked these questions a lot, but you’ll have a more satisfying trip if you plan ahead.

5. Ask a Disney Character About Themselves

Another thing you’ll notice that’s different about Disneyland is its characters! You’ll see a lot more of them (and even some rare ones) out and about — usually without proximal handlers!

Oswald in Disneyland Resort

With so much unfettered access to Disney characters who you’ve never been able to engage in a deep conversation with, you may find yourself tempted to ask them questions about themselves instead of the character they’re portraying. Disney characters are trained to always respond as whoever they’re pretending to be, so if you ask Snow White how many Snow Whites there are at Disneyland, she’s not going to have any idea what you’re talking about!

6. Waited in Line for a Dole Whip on the Wrong Side

Last but not least, you need this critical piece of advice if you’re planning on going to Disneyland: the Dole Whip Stand outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room is often DOUBLE-SIDED — and the line is usually MUCH SHORTER on the inside courtyard side if it’s open!

Enchanted Tiki Room

A lot of people are shy about using this side of the counter since they think it’s for Enchanted Tiki Room members-only or something, but anyone can walk into the waiting area and access the much shorter line without having to enter the Enchanted Tiki Room!

Have you inadvertently broken any of these unspoken Disneyland Resort rules? Let us know in the comments (don’t worry — we won’t tell!). 

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7 Replies to “Have You Broken Any of These Six Unspoken Disneyland Rules?”

  1. I would say generally these rules are true-ish. I still take off my flip flops on Soarin’! The fashion game is a big deal for sure- but you have ALOT of locals who come for a single treat and ride so they can wear 6 in heels! Being a west coaster I guess I never thought about these rules. Now when I go to WDW I am going to be lost!!! Lol!

  2. Yes! Broke several of these “rules”. Don’t do the matching shirt thing at Disneyland!! Big oops and totally embarrassed the kids😂. But that’s a parent’s job.

    1. My family wears matching (themed more than specific image) Disney shirts when we go to a Disney Movie…or the Disney Store for that matter. So if we do the California parks someday in a brighter future, we’ll be matching no matter how many stares we get.

  3. The inside line for Dole Whips is now reserved for people ordering mobile pick up. Unless it gets super busy where they have to open both queues. Tropical Hideaway alleviated some of the traffic for Dole Whips.

  4. Don’t forget that LA area gets much cooler at night! Went in August and was freezing in the disneyland and Santa Fe rr without a jacket!

  5. On Soarin’ at Disney California Adventure, I place my flip flops in the holder under the seat. Have never had a problem. It does seem a little strange to leave ur flip flops on the floor when it’s supposed to be clear of all bags and items.

    At Disneyland, along with the Dole Whip stand, there is now a bigger Dole Whip counter service location in the Hideaway behind the Tiki Room. The secret side within the Tiki Room entrance is mobile pickup only – at least it was before Covid.

    1. Hi! Soarin’ CM here.

      In our training we are actually taught that shoes & canes/crutches are the only items that are allowed to be left on the floor.

      Hope this helps!