Ryan Reynolds Ruined Our Disney Fan Childhoods With One Hilarious Tweet

Ever since it first launched, Disney+ has been advertised as a family-friendly streaming service.


For the most part, it has been home to Disney classics and Pixar favorites, with the most scandalous films being the PG-13 rated Marvel movies. However, it was announced recently that some R-Rated films are coming to the platform for the first time, including Deadpool and Logan. The stars of the films were meant to announce the arrival of the films, but one actor took a very…umm, unique spin with his announcement.

Ryan Reynolds (who plays Deadpool) shared the news on his Twitter account in a rather unexpected way. His tweet read “We’re supposed to announce Logan and Deadpool will soon be the first R-rated movies on Disney+. But we all know some Disney movies should already be rated R for irreversible trauma.”

What kind of “irreversible trauma” is he talking about, you ask? Well, you know, just the small matters of breaking and entering, dog murder, fratricide, and of course, the life-long scarring experience that is Bambi.


Reynolds points out Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Old Yeller, Bambi, and The Lion King specifically as movies which should come with much stronger warnings. And when we think about it…he’s right! Seriously, how are these films marketed to kids?! We’re suddenly questioning everything we grew up knowing. 😂


Between Scar killing Mufasa, Bambi’s mom dying, Old Yeller getting murdered, and Snow White getting poisoned (geez there’s a lot of death in Disney films!), we’re surprised that we actually grew up to be Disney fans after watching those movies over and over as children. Should we be concerned?

Snow White ©Disney

Of course, it’s all in good fun, and we turned into Dole Whip-eating, Minnie ear-wearing Disney adults, so it seems like we’re completely fine! Maybe we’ll celebrate by bingeing some classics on Disney+ tonight. Who’s with us?!

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Which Disney movie traumatized you as a child? Tell us in the comments!

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