VIDEO: You’ll Never Guess WHO Is Wearing a Fitness Tracker in Disney World

Days at Disney World are filled with food, rides, and a lot of steps!

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Hopping between parks can be prove to be quite an exercise, leaving  fitness trackers jumping for joy when you completely demolish your step goal for the day. And guests aboard Kilimanjaro Safaris may notice that some of the rhinos are also interested in meeting their fitness goals!

Well, maybe they’re not interested in their fitness activities, but Disney is! Disney announced that they’re putting fitness trackers on some of the rhinos to track their activity levels!

With a built-in accelerometer, Disney can track the distance these rhinos cover while moving around the savanna! And the tracker’s GPS system allows Disney to monitor where the rhinos like to spend their time on the savanna, so they can determine how sun and shade impact the areas they use. Additionally, Disney will also be tracking their sleeping/napping schedules!


Disney is hoping these efforts will help them better understand the role of physical fitness in the overall health of rhinos. This is part of a larger, collaborative research project with rhinos from accredited zoos and wildlife centers across the country, so that data can be combined to better understand rhino health!


With the rhino population being managed in order to ensure their survival amid illegal poaching in the wild, this research will help keep rhinos healthy and happy for decades to come! We’ll continue to keep you updated on their research activities, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest!

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