Disney Wants You to Stay Caffeinated with These NEW Mugs!

What better way to wake up in the morning than with a little Disney flair?!

Think of all the coffee you could drink with these mugs!

We love incorporating all things Disney into our daily lives, and with so many great home goods made by Disney, the possibilities are nearly endless! We spotted some seriously awesome NEW mugs during a recent stroll through Disney World, and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Start your day off strong with this Hercules mug we found for $22.99 over at World of Disney!

Do they sell Herculade at the grocery store?!

If you’re less “zero to hero” and more “today is a good day” — you might like this new Mickey Mouse mug! Get your day started with a good attitude for $14.99. We found this mug at World of Disney and Magic Kingdom’s Emporium!

Today is a good day!

Okay, we have to talk about how cool this Star Wars mug is! It features Princess Leia and R2D2.

This mug is our only hope of surviving Mondays!

Oh, and did we mention that when filled with hot liquid, a hidden message is revealed?!  You can find it at World of Disney for $22.99.

What could it be?!

If you know someone who is a bit of a Beast in the mornings, you might want to check out the new Beast mug we found! He comes with a spoon for stirring and can be yours for $19.99.

Why so serious?

Calling all princess fans! We also found this thingamabob — a new Little Mermaid mug featuring Ariel herself.

We’ve got 20.

You can get it for $19.99!

Oh, hey girl.

Did you know that Dumbo recently celebrated its 80th anniversary? Now you can celebrate too with this mug!

Dumbo mug

It features our favorite pachyderm plus some other circus characters and is $19.99!

We love this one!

If you’re a bit of a slowpoke until you’ve had your morning cup of joe, this Eeyore mug might be just the thing for you! We found it at World of Disney for $19.99. It comes with a spoon, too!

The happiest Eeyore we’ve ever seen

And last but not least, we’ve got the Just Keep Sippin’ Grogu mug for $14.99! Keep yourself warm and cozy like Baby Yoda with this mug.

Just keep sippin’

We’re always keeping an eye out for the newest Disney merchandise, so be sure to check back here for updates and more Disney news!

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Do you own any Disney mugs? Let us know in the comments!

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