Disney World is Charging HOW Much For 50th Anniversary M&Ms?!

The Main Street Confectionery reopened with a NEW look just a few weeks ago in Magic Kingdom and we’ve been checking out all of the new sweets and treats ever since!

Main Street Confectionery

Inside you can find things like create your own popcorn mix, slushies, desserts covered in Skittles, and more. And, today a brand new item landed in the shop for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, but you’re going to have to shell out some big bucks if you want to get your hands on this candy!

Since reopening, the Main Street Confectionery has featured a special 50th-anniversary display with specially packaged popcorn, lollipops, and more. And, today we spotted new Mickey and Minnie-shaped M&M containers filled with sparkling M&Ms!

50th Anniversary M&Ms!

One container is designed after Mickey Mouse…

Mickey M&Ms

…and another features Minnie’s iconic red polka-dotted bow.

Minnie M&Ms

And, they’re not filled with any average M&M, they’re filled with M&Ms that have the 50th-anniversary logo and look like they’re sparkling…or at least they’re supposed to.

From afar, these little chocolate candies fit right into the gold(ish) color scheme that Disney World has featured for its big birthday, but up close…it’s a bit more splotchy.

What color are these M&Ms?

And, these specialty M&Ms don’t come cheap — they cost $39.99 (!!). That’s a hefty price for some chocolate candies that come in a Disney container.

We’re sorry…HOW much is Disney charging?!

For comparison, you can get almost the same amount of M&Ms (11.8oz) for only $6.49 when you purchase the regular candies sold at the Main Street Confectionery…


…or you could even customize your own M&Ms in the store for less than half the price. M&Ms are part of the bulk candy section of the store, so you can create your own 1-pound bag (16oz) for only $12.99.

Bulk Candy Selection

So, you can save quite a bit if you opt to forego the 50th-anniversary packaging, but if you can’t resist the cute Mickey and Minnie-shaped packaging, then you can stop by the Main Street Confectionery to pick it up for yourself!

And, we’ll continue to keep an eye out for more new treats throughout Disney World, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest!

Step inside the reopened (and refurbished) Main Street Confectionery!

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Do you think Disney’s new M&Ms are worth the cost? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Disney World is Charging HOW Much For 50th Anniversary M&Ms?!”

  1. I’ll be glad when the new Uber wealthy “once and done” clientele at Disney grows tired of the parks and Disney has to go back to catering to the middle class families who helped get them where they are today. Disney is kidding themselves if they believe these wealthy people will ever become the faithful return customers that have filled the parks in the past.